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April 11, 2008

Every now and then we break out the video camera. We don’t do it often, but that just proves the point that rarity doesn’t equal quality. Remember, home movies, like dreams, are generally interesting only to those who are IN them or have them, and not always even then.


This post is a collection of my youtube clips. As I make more youtube clips, I will put them in this post. Cuz I’m in charge here.

First up, a two parter of Kenny’s RAWROD, or Ride Around White Rim in One Day, this was April of 07, and I toted the camera around because Elden couldn’t be there.

RAWROD 07 Part One:

And, RAWROD 07 Part Two:

Next, The Fall Moab Series, although I’ve only taken the video camera once, in 2006. Another two parter.

Fall Moab 06 Part One:

Fall Moab 06 Part Two:

We get a lot of snow up at the house, and my Minnesota roots demand that we make good use of it. Each big snowstorm tends to fill in the runs, so we reconfigure the hill several times a year. Ironically, this year, 2008, was the best so far, but I have no video from this year. But here are the sledding videos from years past:

December of 2006, had some extended family over for a Saturday afternoon:

And here we have sledding in January 2007:

And sledding in February of 2007:

I don’t have much ski video, but someday I will edit and add video of our heli ski trip to Canada and maybe even of our Italy trips, though I don’t think we even have much footage from Italy, I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been heli-skiing in Italy.

For now all I have is this video of Rick S and me hiking up to Days from Alta, dropping Upper Days, climbing to and dropping Main Days, and, unfilmed, us climbing back up Upper Days and skiing back down to the car at Alta.


4 Responses to “my youtube clips”

  1. botchedexperiment Says:

    I planned on skipping RAWROD this year, but now I gotta do it.

    Lets see, I haven’t been on my bike sinse November, and I have 13 days to train and 1 day to rest before 100 miles on a single speed mountain bike.


  2. dug Says:

    what’s the big deal?

  3. eric Says:

    The RAWROD videos convinced me that I should not go.

    Lets see, I have been on my bike the last 3 weeks and did more training this last winter than any other winter and 1 day to rest before 100 miles on a single speed mountain bike.

    No way am I going.

  4. botchedexperiment Says:

    My pussy hurts. That’s the big deal.

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