May 8, 2008

I don’t have much to offer Susan and Elden and family, but Kenny set up a local bank account in Elden’s name, and an easy donation button at


I say we forget any attempts at anonymity–just let Elden decide what’s best for the family, even if it’s escaping reality through GTA4. Whatever it takes.

To donate through paypal, go to, click Send Money, and donate to It’s fun AND easy.

To donate without paypal, go to Kenny’s website and click the Donate button.


There still isn’t much I can do, since I have about 8 readers (hi mom!), but every little bit helps, right? At least, I hope so. I guess “help” is relative. Like most things.


14 Responses to “help”

  1. Bikemike Says:

    dug, trying to send new people your way. since you don’t talk about britney or oprah or any such, it may be hard to get converts. i’ll keep trying. are you into scientology, that may help. just sent money to kenny (awesome job sir).
    maybe review the 5 crapiest movies of the year that you haven’t seen. just an idea.
    Elden’s lucky to have you guys as friends. me, i have to pay people and my allotment for that went to kenny. oh, well, next month.

  2. b_banks Says:

    great idea on the donation account.

    I haven’t checked to see if it is already posted there but you should post it in the comments section of his blog.

    Grand Theft Auto-Can’t lie, I own one of the older versions for my PSP.

  3. mark Says:

    Dug, you’re closer to the action than I am–is it possible that the entire Nelson family could take a trip to Italy? Would love to see that happen and am happy to dig past the pocket lint to find more coinage and help them on their way.

  4. dug Says:

    brandon, it’s over there, but a bit buried.

    mark, i’m no doctor, but i don’t think susan’s going on any trips, italy or otherwise.

  5. Sam Says:

    Dug now you have 9 readers. Great idea on the account I will spread the word to the breast centers I am in contact with.

  6. dug Says:

    thanks sam. but i’m curious, you say you’re in “contact” with “breast centers?”

    am i on candid camera?

  7. Bikemike Says:

    this is the breast blog i’ve read all day.

  8. LindaLoo Says:

    10 readers!

  9. sk8ermom3 Says:

    11 readers, I lurk here occasionally when your name comes up on Fatty’s blog. Bet there’s others too.

  10. keithmo Says:

    sk8ermom3: at least one

  11. eclaire Says:

    wow, i’m lucky number 13! i’m a total lurker. thanks for sharing where we could donate something to susan and fatty. so many of us feel helpless to do anything, since we don’t live closer.

    just watched your video of rawrod 07. man your state is beautiful! totally awesome. plus i loved your musical choices. glad fatty got to ride it this year before all this other *&#@ came down.

    maybe i have a bathroom fetish, but i loved your reviews of your work bathroom, work plunger, and bidet. i miss the old random reviewer. please continue to review unexpected and perverse things. i’ll read it.

  12. steve Says:

    um, Dug, mom isn’t a reader, sorry. We can’t get her to read her email or check phone messages!! I’m with eclaire, at least include a link to the random reviewer dude.

  13. dug Says:

    steve, damnit, one less reader. if one can’t get one’s mom to read, well, that’s just wrong.

    i’m bringing my reviews over from randomreviewer, one at a time.

    but really, um, if y’all can’t find randomreviewer (hint,, y’all got some internet issues i can’t solve.

  14. leon Says:

    guess this makes me 12th then

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