May 27, 2008

Either I’ve hit “manopause” in the last year or so, or the Mormons are putting something in the water here in Salt Lake City. How else to explain the fact that suddenly I’m a crier? I think I’ve started getting choked up during every “This I Believe” and “Story Corps” segment on NPR in the last 3 months. They should call NPR “Cry Radio.”

I’m driving down the road last week, listening to NPR, as is my wont, and the segment is a report from China. In the aftermath of the earthquake, the government has called for a “3 minutes of silence” memorial, and NPR has recorded it. Except, toward the end, it’s anything but silent, as entire stadiums full of people are crying and wailing, lamenting their loss. And then they gradually start chanting “Stand Up!” and “Be Strong!” and “Go China!”

And I’m driving down I-15 in rush hour traffic, and bawling my eyes out. I had to stop before I got home, to make sure my make up didn’t run all over my face.

Manopause is a bitch.

9 Responses to “manopause”

  1. Bikemike Says:

    yep, when i start crying like that i usually get all wobbley (can you say whimmpy, whammpy, wombbley?)and being in 6″ heels,wellll, it gets ugly real fast.

  2. Rick S. Says:

    Dug- I have a sweater in my cube in case I get the hot flashes and then become cold after. You should do the same.

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    This has been a tough month for my emotional bulwarks. The devastation and loss of life in Myanmar and China. Closer to home, Fatty’s ordeal and the company president finding he has a brain tumor. And NPR doesn’t help.

    I’m glad you mentioned that China silence thing. I caught the end and wondered why they were reporting in such a somber fashion. Now I understand.

    I had to drive to Price yesterday and listened to Doug Fabrzsio’s interview of Gene Jacobsen, one of the survivors of the Bataan Death March (10,000 died or were killed) for Memorial Day. Gene died last year at 85. I didn’t cry, but I was losing it.

  4. matt Says:

    As long as your not wearing mascara, I think all will be fine. Just remember to breath deep.

  5. brkeyes7 Says:

    Dude, pull up your manpris, throw a bucket down your manliness well, however shallow it may be, and make manopause your bitch.

  6. dug Says:

    thanks for the pep talk brad. i think i’m good now.

  7. VH1 Says:

    Manopause, Manpris, Mangina there is not much left to do before the transformation is complete!

  8. mark Says:

    Dug, the best thing about your blog is the categories. Srsly. gayness, manopause, oldness, pussiness, chupacabra, i hate myself, diet coke, convenience stores, sledding, toilet paper, west nile virus. I suspect next you’ll be writing about artisinal sausages.

  9. fish Says:

    Mark – I don’t want to have you talking Dug out of any posts on artisinal sausages. Seriously.

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