leadville picture day

August 12, 2008

It’s late, today will have to be picture day, I’ll try to make a video for Thursday or Friday.

At the Overlook Hotel, Friday morning, trying not to seem like we care about the race.

boys at breakfast

You just can’t beat swag like this. Yellow BAGS?! Sweet!


Holly, Kim, Shelle, ready to crew.


A prayer flag, with its priorities straight.

kim elden prayer flag

Friday rec ride, group shot.

boys friday group

The womenses at the lake ride:

holly kim shelle bikes

Elden has very particular needs from his crew:

elden instructs kim

Race day, 5:30am, staying loose.

dug kim freaky kenny

Ready to go

start before

Um, wait, do-over please:

elden going down

And they’re off, for real:

start behind

The crew waits at Twin Lakes

crew cold twin lakes

Sam gets crewed

holly gives sam poop

Brad with his game face

brad leaves twin lakes

Rick enjoys the finer things

rick banana diet coke twin lakes

Elden relays instructions to his crew

elden twin lakes

And the crew responds

elden gets crewed

Here comes Paco

dug twin lakes basket

I get crewed

dug gets crewed

“Seriously, you’ll thank me later . . . “

drink this dug

The only existing picture of Bob on race day (sorry Bob, we all get a de-merit)


Kenny gets a nice welcome

kenny loves natalie

Sam seems pleased with his 8:47. Doper.

sam loves holly

Here’s the evidence:

sam turns pharmacuticals

Holly rewards his performance

sam kisses holly

Rick and Brad leave a manly space between them, so as to avoid hugging

rick n brad finish together

Yay Rick (broken chain and all)

shelle is glad to see rick

But what he really wants to know is, did Sam do it? (he did, the freak)

rick happy to be done

Brad might be tired

brad is tired

Elden’s crew, Kim, welcomes him back

kim greets elden

Nick and Sarah

sarah nick finish

Not sure who’s happier, Kim or me

kim glad dug is done

Sam is not happy I just took his diet coke. But I’M happy.

a victory diet coke

Elden hung around in his stinky clothes waiting. He gets a merit.

dug elden kim finish 2

The last time you’ll see me on the finishing lawn. Yay.

dug kim grass finish

Lance with his weird Svengali Man-Servant

lance with his svengali

And, a preview of the race video:


13 Responses to “leadville picture day”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    If I see enough imagery it will make me feel like I’ve been there so I won’t have to go myself. So I’m grateful for all the photos and video you provide.

  2. Rick S. Says:

    Dug- You dropped like 15 riders in that clip.

    I’m glad you caught Sam with the drugs.

  3. Eber Says:

    Enough with the tease…more video!

    Great pics Dug.

    Did anyone check that Sam’s drug satchel for DZNuts?

    Maybe MasterWort was the magical 8:47 potion.

  4. bikemike Says:

    that first picture looks like a room they’d use in the movie Hostel.
    i’m sure after a ride like you guys had it may have felt like it also.

  5. BotchedExperiment Says:

    I think you could go faster if you weren’t breathing so hard. You might want to work on that. You know, for next year.

  6. Mocougan Says:

    Seriously….how could you quit riding that race? I wish I was in good enuf shape to do it. Looks totally cool.

  7. KanyonKris Says:

    I cringed a little every time you said “get crewed” and half feared to see something racy (pun intended) in the next photo.

  8. Mocougan Says:


  9. andy Says:

    on which part of the ride was that video taken?

  10. dug Says:

    andy, the video on this post was taken almost at the top of the treed portion of columbine, just a switchback or so before the trail comes out into the open and gets very very steep and rocky, and everybody starts walking. so i’d say at mile 47.

  11. brkeyes7 Says:

    Few words. Lots of pics. I made it all the way through. Good stuff.

  12. b_banks Says:

    Great Pics…makes me wish I had the ballz to attempt a race of that caliber.

  13. linfin Says:

    Okay, seriously…did you photoshop Kenny’s head into that picture between you and Kim? Because it’s a little too perfectly placed. And funny.

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