where’s the love?

August 22, 2008

I don’t ask this rhetorically? I wanna know, where is the love?

We drivers have to stick together, right? There is the official set of rules for driving on the roads, and there is the mostly compatible unofficial rule set.

Official rule set: speed limit 65mph.

Unofficial rule set: speed limit, well, more than that. Up to a point.

Official rule set: complete stop at all stop signs

Unofficial rule set: slow down considerably at stop signs, stop all the way if someone else is there first.

You know, more GUIDELINES than rules.

And how are we in this together? You know how you’ll be driving along, and someone coming the other way flashes their brights at you for a second? You KNOW it’s not because YOU have your brights on, because it’s 3pm, bright daylight. So WHY is he flashing his lights? Because he’s telling you there’s a cop behind him, maybe hiding around the bend, maybe just parked to the side.

You slow down, and avoid the citation, the cop gets to sit in his air conditioned car a bit longer. Everybody wins.

Well lately, I’ve noticed too much randomness in the flashing lights guideline. I’ll pass a parked police car, obviously with his radar gun out, and realize NOBODY flashed me the signal. Plenty of traffic the other way, but NO signal. Makes me angry just writing about it.

Why would you do this?

Or, sometimes they’ll flash because they saw a deer about to cross the road. This is a grey area, one I’m not comfortable with. I can spot my own deer, but I can’t easily spot my own speed traps. Don’t confuse me with the deer flash.

Can’t we all just agree? If you pass a speed trap, you are obligated to flash your brights at drivers coming the other way for, say, the next mile. Maybe just half mile.

But for the love of mike, for pete’s sake, for my sake, for my kid’s college fund’s sake–flash em. That’s why you have em. In this economy especially. These tickets are KILLING me.


20 Responses to “where’s the love?”

  1. Bikemike Says:

    yes, for the love of me, flash. course, we could all slow down, just a tad, couldn’t we?

  2. Rick S. Says:

    It’s the youth of today. They don’t know about the “flash”. We need to put somethign on youtube about it.

  3. dug Says:

    stay on topic here, bikemike–don’t tell me you don’t ever drive 5-10 over the limit. of COURSE we could all stand to slow down a little. but sometimes you don’t. and we ALL need the love from time to time.

  4. chtrich Says:

    I second Rick S. A nice informative YouTube video should help educate today’s youth.

  5. Jen Says:

    I’m surprised you get tickets! You, of all people, ought to be able to talk your way out of one.

    My sister has been pulled over 46 times, with only 10 tickets to show for it. The line that seems to work the best is, “Your honor was I speeding?”

    Anyway, seems like you should invest in a radar detector … then it won’t matter if people don’t show you the love!

  6. Bikemike Says:

    yeah, i know but sometimes you just feel like pokin’ the bear with a stick. i got a ticket once three houses from where i lived. wish i would’ve had the trunk monkey to get me outta that one.

  7. Rob Says:

    Um…Don’t you remember the email a few years ago about a secret gang that drives around with their lights off, waiting for you to flash your brights at them and when you do they follow you home and kill you?…Don’t you remember that?!

    Think before you bright someone…

    I gotta go. I’ve got to get a different email out to 10 more people so I can have good luck all year.

  8. dug Says:

    i DO remember that email, rob. i get it every couple of years. simply terrifying.

    i gotta go too, something about sending emails and getting paid by bill gates.

  9. nwbikr Says:

    Being only 16, I can tell you this is the first time I have ever heard something about the flashing rule. I agree that a Youtube video would be great. Oh, and now I know what to do if someone flashes their brights at me!

  10. steve Says:

    Just how fast over were you going grandpa? typically under 10 mph over and you are ok unless you physically pass them.

  11. dug Says:

    um, you mean as opposed to spiritually passing them? some kind of metaphysical pass?

  12. KanyonKris Says:

    Now who’s having trouble staying on topic?

    But your point is made. I will do more flashing. Now where’s my trench coat?

  13. Flahute Says:

    It is possible to pass cops on the freeway without getting pulled over and getting a ticket, even if you’re driving 5-ish over the limit.

    It drives me flipping batty when there are three lanes of traffic doing 60 miles/hour on the freeway, all because no one wants to pass the cop.

    That’s even worse than than the guy in the fast lane doing 65 on the nose, while the middle and right lanes are zipping along at 70-75.

  14. mark Says:

    Cops will sometimes drive along on the freeway 5mph under the limit just because they get a big sadistic kick out of watching nobody pass them.

    I know this is true because my old roommate’s sister’s bishop is a cop, and he used this as an object lesson during a fireside some months ago. I can forward the email I got to prove it.

  15. Jason Says:

    Saw you on your Motorcycle going into work this morning. Was a freeway wheelie involved in this latest ticket?

  16. Rob Says:

    Flashing lights = defective equipment. At least it is in my state, where i am on the other side of that radar gun. It is funny when i pull someone over and ask why they were flashing their lights. I usually get…”um i don’t know officer, or I was just checking to see if they worked”

  17. Eber Says:

    Dear DTS (Duggy Traffic School),

    I have changed my life. Your lessons on dutiful driving have given me perspective. Just last week coming off the south side of Suncrest, I came to quite possibly the worst right-turn-into-8AM-traffic on the great green earth (you know the one – just across from the new Smith’s Marketplace being built at the bottom of the hill). My first inclination: “whip out into the road in front of [the next car].

    Then something strange…like Paco in a basket, a little plaid short SSer sitting on my shoulder whispered: “pull out after [they] go by, right? That’s what I would do. That would be the reasonable thing to do.”

    Wouldn’t you know it…that’s just what I did (pulled out in the huge gap behind him) – thanks to my little DTS shoulder buddy!

    One reckless driver at a time Dug – make it happen.

    PS – The guy i didn’t cut off thanks you too, although he probably isn’t aware of your DTS blog, Paco, your plaid shorts, or your sage wisdom. He thanks you anyway.

  18. dug Says:

    rob, now i’m curious–what exactly are you citing them for? defective equipment? or suspicion of obstruction of justice? or racketeering? under the ricco law? kibitzing maybe.

    eber, i am filled with a warm glow reading your comment.

  19. tonks Says:

    Thanks for using your own vitriol for this one, my friend.

    I share your sentiments, except for the deer part. I appreciate a good head’s up when deer are sauntering across Traverse Ridge shorlty after nightfall.

    Whether it’s a cop or it’s a deer, the end result of slowing down and paying more attention is definitely a good thing.

  20. The Flyin' Ute Says:

    Everybody PLEASE Flash your lights. Thanks.

    But in the event you get pulled over then get out of your car!!! Gotta be cool about it so the cop doesn’t freak out but you still want him going for his gun and leaving his clipboard behind.

    If he comes up without his clipboard it is like 90% chance you get let off.

    If he stays in his car and gets on his little microphone and tells you to get back in your odds drop dramatically.

    If Rob pulls you over he will probably just give you a ticket since he is pulling over the good people trying to warn others of coppers just for fun.

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