outsourcing sucks

October 3, 2008

Almost everything can be outsourced these days. People will pick up your laundry (and, of course, drop it off again), bring you pre-made meals, mow your lawn, shovel your driveway, clean your house, walk your dog, watch your kids.

You can even get someone to do your shopping. I’m not talking about Brangelina here, I’m talking about normal people. Me and you. You and I can pay someone to shop for our clothes. Which would take some pressure off of Kim, come to think of it.

Speaking of Kim and outsourcing.

We started to run a bit low on the toilet paper at the Casa de Anderson this week.

Let me be clear–we did NOT run OUT of the toilet paper. That never happens. We were LOW.


So Kim happened to be talking to a friend on the phone, asking about going for a ride or a walk or something, and the friend said No, I’m on my way to the store, gotta pick up some stuff. Is there anything I can get for YOU?

And Kim said Sure, you know what, we need TP. Can you get us some?

Arghhhhh. I guess I should mention, these friends are FRUGAL. Here’s a rule of thumb, with an ancillary rule:

Never have your friends buy your toilet paper for you, but never have your FRUGAL friends buy you ANYTHING.

We now have a 20 roll pack of single-ply TP. With all the folding and doubling we’ll have to do, it’ll be gone by Monday. And that’s taking the magic toilet into account.


6 Responses to “outsourcing sucks”

  1. evilreview Says:

    i recently had the same problem. a frugal friend and local ecclesiastical leader said he was going to the adult video store and wanted to know if i wanted anything. i described a few of my preferences and proclivities and away he went.

    i don’t want to go into details here, but let’s just say that i should not trust casual acquaintances to buy my intimate apparel and accessories.

    lesson learned!

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    As a single guy I bought cheap TP, but when married my wife informed me cheap TP was out. I quickly became a believer. Fewer wipes, less folding over, softer, less risk of “tear through”. If I’m back to the cheap TP, you’ll know I’m on really hard times.

    Yet another instance where my acute angle wife saved me.

  3. chtrich Says:

    what’s the saying….If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

  4. bikemike Says:

    i am the great cornholio i need tp for my…oh, nevermind

    i use tree bark and sun dried leaves

  5. Gary Says:

    I’ve got to agree with you. TP is one area where a “break through” is not a good thing. If times are touch, I can go with cheap sushi, a cheap car, or even cheap underwear, but I’ll live in a box before I go to cheap toilet paper.

  6. brkeyes7 Says:

    You really asked someone to buy you some toilet paper? And they obliged?

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