today’s WTF moment, brought to you by the cranky HR lady at my office

October 21, 2008

I got to the office a tich late this morning, 9:30am, which isn’t really waaaay late, in fact, it’s acceptably late.

I parked in the street instead of the lot, like I normally do, and approached the northeast corner of our class C office space building, which has doors on both sides of the corner, outer doors that lead to a small vestibule, and an inner door that requires an access card that opens into an empty receptionist area. We’re too poor to have a receptionist. Or good toilet paper. Or to have our fridge cleaned.


As I got out of the car, I noticed our cranky HR lady almost at the door, and she turned to look at me several times as I got out of my car as she approached the corner, and not with a friendly smile on her face.

She got to the near door, on the north side of the corner, pulled it open, gave me one last dirty look, and went in. The doors and windows are mostly mirrored so that’s where I lost sight of her.

I got to the same door a few seconds later, and gave it a pull.

It was locked. This door has not been locked in the nearly one year I’ve been working here. Plus, cranky HR lady had JUST GONE IN THIS DOOR.

I went around the corner to the east door, which opens into the same small vestibule, and gave that door a pull. Open.

Once inside, I looked at the locked north door. There is a small dead bolt just above the handle, not the kind that requires a key, just a knob.

In other words, cranky old HR lady, arriving at the office at roughly the same time as me, saw me coming, looked at me several times, entered the north door, and out of spite, actually turned the deadbolt to lock the door, and then used her access card and went in the inner door.

Either that or she has a wicked sense of humor. Which has taken almost a year to manifest itself. And that nobody else has ever noticed. Uh huh.


11 Responses to “today’s WTF moment, brought to you by the cranky HR lady at my office”

  1. Rich Says:

    definitely wtf. I wouldn’t bet on sense of humor since her name is cranky.

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    You really shouldn’t wear your hockey mask to work.

  3. Rick S. Says:

    nice move. Game on. Maybe you could try the rick maddox move which required only a pair of scissors and a keyboard. simple but highly effective.

  4. bikemike Says:

    i had no idea you worked with Michael, Dwight, Jim and Pam. very cool. Pam’s hot. funny though, the new HR lady doesn’t look that old on tv.

  5. Rob Says:

    Do the same thing to her tomorrow. But don’t lock the door just hold the other end so she can kind of pull it open before you pull back…

  6. Steve Says:

    I think this incident is related to Possible Reason #8, from yesterdays’ blog entry.

  7. SteveA Says:

    What did you do to that woman!!!?? She wasn’t even subtle about it, just did it knowing you would get the message, whatever that was. Is she in charge of the toilet paper and fridge at your place and somehow got wind of your blog? You really need to learn to play nice with your co-workers. I’m kind of in favor of a direct response such as walking up t her and saying “WTF” but in a nicer way.

  8. BotchedExperiment Says:

    I’ll bet she has a weekend job keeping out the riff-raff at Sundance.

  9. theincrediblewoody Says:

    Sorry you got shut out but that is really funny. Do you think she was standing here, hidden by the tinted windows, watching your expression??

  10. Craig Says:

    I thought you were universally loved?

  11. Mocougfan Says:

    I’m pretty sure she reads your blog and is in fact responsible for the fridge. She didn’t appreciate getting called out.

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