i will move no more forever

October 31, 2008

I grew up living in the same house pretty much forever. We moved to Minneapolis when I was one year old, and I lived there until I left for college in Utah, and stayed. I’m not what you’d call a “wanderer.”

Kim, on the other hand, moved around all the time, every 3-4 years. Her Dad liked new places, new challenges, new jobs, new new.

Kim and I have lived in Utah since we were married over 18 years now. It’s by a loooong stretch the longest Kim has ever lived in one state. For me, it’s about average. If you can average two numbers.

Now, some people grow up moving, and want to put down roots. Others grow up rooted and want to wander. But I grew up stationary, and hate to move, and never want to. Kim grew up peripatetic and would love nothing more than to chuck it all and move to New Zealand.

But I win (well, really, if both sides agree, it’s Win/Win, right?). After many many years of negotiations, Kim and I have come to an agreement, and we are never moving again. I cannot disclose the nature of terms or conditions of the agreement, except to say, Totally Worth It. I feel like Keven Garnett when he got traded from Minnesota to Boston. Jackpot.

I know, the residential development company who built Suncrest, a ridge-top (gasp) community, is in bankruptcy. And I live on a fault line (well, not ON, but near. Near enough to spit on it from my window). And yet. And yet.

Here are some reasons I never want to move again.


With binoculars, Kim could see me doing this from our front porch.

race pick top 

This picture could have been taken from my yard (well, not with MY camera, but I’m sure there IS a camera that could).

suncrest uv background

I could throw a rock from this spot and hit my front window (although, Kim would be pissed). If you could bend light, you could see Elden’s house down there, and to the left.

suncrest connecter ss vert

See, we ALL get our own trails to the trail. It’s practically a rule.

holden guitar

The kids seem to like it in summer,

holden sledding

And winter. Reminds me of Minnesota.

Seriously. I’m going to mark a spot and have myself buried in the back yard. Do you have to put that in the disclosure document when the house gets sold? Which will  only happen AFTER I die. Cuz like I said–not moving.

15 Responses to “i will move no more forever”

  1. cheapie Says:

    le sigh. someday.

  2. bikemike Says:


  3. Mocougfan Says:

    Totally jealous as always.

  4. mark Says:

    I moved away from Utah nine years ago. I’m about 50% moved back (work here but haven’t moved the family yet). As I was driving into downtown earlier this week, I thought about what a fool I was to ever leave and that I am never, ever leaving again.

  5. theincrediblewoody Says:

    I wouldn’t leave either!

  6. Rick S. Says:

    if you did move, i would hunt you down and kill you.

  7. dug Says:

    rick, you are so sweet. that’s the nicest thing anybody’s ever said to me.

  8. KanyonKris Says:

    I’m 100% with you on this. Everything I like to do is here and usually close by. That’s worth a lot to me.

  9. JB Says:

    I am on that same program Dug, grew up in Arvada, school in Ft Collins moved to Estes Park and stayed. I am sure that there are nicer places to live than this, but I don’t care…not goin anywhere, won’t be a snowbird, just not gonna do it. I can hike, bike, work, watch my kids play sports, telly ski, all within ten minutes of my house, it is great.

  10. Eber Says:

    I left last summer for “greener pastures”…and promptly returned 3 months later. Only went as far as Denver – you know, our sister city. Turns out it’s the ugly red headed step sister city(Cic hates it when I say that being a red headed step sister herself – notice I left out the “ugly” part. Love you honey.). Anyhow, what people don’t realize is Denver on the plains and only if it’s a clear day can you see the mtns way off to the west. Here…we are in it.

  11. Kathleen Says:

    Wow, that’s amazing. From my front porch all you see are houses and more houses…I live in SF 🙂

    But then I’m kinda like you in that I grew up and am not big on changing my living locale.

  12. evilreview Says:

    i agree completely. ‘course, i live only 4mi away from you.

  13. mtb w Says:

    Please do tell – what were the terms and conditions?

    I am a bit jealous but Ft Collins is a pretty good spot. I looked into a few places before moving here, including your neck of the woods, but John Denver’s call to Colorado was too much to refuse.

  14. BotchedExperiment Says:

    Yeah a couple years ago I also decided to never move away.

  15. KanyonKris Says:

    Botched, I’m sure dug isn’t counting on going insane. 😉

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