Musings On The Failure Of My Candidate

November 5, 2008

I am undone!
My political landscape is upended
And scattered across the oft’ abused regions of my conciousness

How can this be possible?
Did I not vote?
Did I not canvass?
Did I not chant “Drill Daby, Drill” with appropriate fervor?
Or was my fervor perhaps too great?
I do not understand

Surely I knew the path was narrow
But I trusted in Rick Davis
Why should I not?
Why would he mislead me?
And yet clearly was I misled

But I should not blame myself
For that is not my way
Nor the way of my party


I blame the media!
I blame the economy!
I blame congress for sabotaging the economy
And then telling the media it was someone else!
Tricky of them, to be sure

And now I am left to ponder
How we might have won in Iraq if we had stayed just a little longer
How we might have had Joe the Plumber as Secretary of Defense
How we might have had a really great health care system
One that follows the tenets of our really great economy

But I am not without solace
For in my heart I hear the chant
Of a Palin challenge in a scant four years
This gives me strength to continue

Thank you.

[Um, before you get TOO confused, ask yourself what might happen if a famous local blogger somehow got hold of your blog credentials. Yup, something like THIS. Which, it turns out, could have been much worse. Not bad in this case. Not bad at all.]

10 Responses to “Musings On The Failure Of My Candidate”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    Nice lament.

    I’m not getting the Charlie’s Angles connection.

  2. bikemike Says:

    you’re related to Stephen Colbert,,,right?

    that’s o.k. i don’t think i’ll vote for Nader anymore…dangit, i thought he really had a chance THIS time.

  3. forgingahead Says:

    Ha! I bet I know who wrote that. Well done!

  4. The IF Peloton Says:

    A country always gets the leaders it deserves.

  5. dug Says:

    T IF P, really? always?

  6. Bob Says:

    Or maybe, occasionally, the leaders it needs.

    Or, ahhhhhhhhhh, the sky is falling, ahhhhh, the sky!!!!

    Or not.

  7. BotchedExperiment Says:

    I walked up to the first black person I saw today and gave him a hug and said, “I voted for Obama?” He pushed me away and said, “I’m a Republican.”

    So much for my mad street cred.

  8. steve Says:

    I didn’t see the charlies angels angle either but you DID have me confused for a few seconds. I was hoping my grass roots campaign to write in Dug for prez would really take off but alas I believe I was mistaken. Rob or Rick S. would make good VP’s

  9. tonks Says:

    Botched Experiment: Thanks for the laugh! I’m laughing so hard I have tears streaming down my face-hysterical!

  10. hp Says:

    glenn beck for prez, palin vp

    oh wait, definitely dug for prez, palin vp

    darn prettiest ticket ever!

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