little taste of heaven

November 13, 2008

A few weeks ago my extended family all gathered in Zion National Park for a family reunion/vacation. We stayed at the lovely Ponderosa Resort, outside the east side of the park. This place was perfect for us, it had a pool for the kids, a big hot tub for the adults, some nice activities like a little zip line, a little ATV course, a little climbing wall, that sort of thing.

The Ponderosa “Resort” also had its own quaint little cafeteria. As a group we signed up to eat there for two of the nights we’d be staying, to make things easy and keep us all together.

The first night, we all trooped into the cafeteria and got in line for the buffet, which turned out to be a lot like the Golden Corral, only not as nice. As I approached the salad portion of the buffet, my line-mates and I noticed that the big bowl of salad in the buffet was near empty. But before we could so much as raise an alarm, old man Smithers appeared with a big NEW bowl of salad. Yay.

Except, instead of simply upending his big bowl of salad into the big empty salad bowl, he just squeezed between me and my line-mates, and began grabbing salad from HIS bowl and dumping it into THAT bowl. WITH HIS BARE HANDS.

No amount of vinaigrette can compensate for that. Even though we had already purchased TWO nights of delicacy at the cafeteria, we skipped the next night.

Anyway. The buffet also had fried chicken. Big pieces of fried chicken thigh and breast.

Kim and I sat across an aisle from my mom and my sister. As the conversation lulled into one of those 7 minute intervals, I looked at Kim with a gleam in my eye.

“You know how you’re always asking me for stories about how I grew up? How bout I show you? Watch THIS” I said. And I pulled the skin off my big shiny fried chicken thigh.

“Hey mom, you want this?”

She did.

Hi Mom! Love you!


15 Responses to “little taste of heaven”

  1. mark Says:

    Save the neck for me!

  2. TG Says:

    Hey! We must have been separated at birth! My mother would do the exact same thing!

  3. Rick S. Says:

    Your Mom rules. When can we have her over over for dinner?

  4. bikemike Says:

    mother my foot…fried chicken skin is the best. oh and fried onion rings and anything else fried.

  5. michele Says:

    If you sat next to grandma for dinner, she would eat the fatty and gristly parts of chicken you set aside on your plate. “You’re not gonna eat that, that’s the best part.”

  6. Sleepy Says:

    Thats funny, my grandma would do the same thing. She would hang around the kitchen after big family dinners pulling fat from each of our plates.

  7. steve Says:

    Hey, my mom does that!!

  8. Kathleen Says:

    Super funny! And well told.

  9. KanyonKris Says:

    dug, you need to reread the chapter in “A Short History Of Nearly Everything” about bacteria to remind yourself that these little critters are EVERYWHERE in HUGE numbers. In fact, there are 10 times more bacteria in and on your body than you have cells (the bacteria are much smaller). There’s no such thing as germ-free. Make peace with it.

  10. VH1 Says:

    KFC should offer a fried chicken skin bucket for the seniors. Both of my parents love that stuff. BTW hearing the words “chicken skin” makes me laugh!

  11. dug Says:

    sam, that’s because the words “chicken” and “skin” together are inherently funny. it’s a version of onomatopoeia. except not. that reminds me, i need to write about words that are fun to say, and words that i HATE.

  12. Mom Says:

    Douglas, For Thanksgiving this year we are having fried chicken instead of turkey. Invite your friends if you’d like to (their parents to take care of skins) but we aren’t having it at my house. We’re invited out. Your wife is making the dressing. See you. Love you too.

  13. bikemike Says:

    does your mom call you Douglas when you’re in trouble? that’s when i get Michael used on me.

    fried chicken, i like your mom. what time is dinner?

  14. dug Says:

    bikemike, um. yeah. either i’m being punked by a sibling, or my mom suddenly knows how to comment on my blog.

    either way i’m moving to costa rica.

  15. KanyonKris Says:

    They have not inter tubes in Costa Rica?

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