thanksgiving dreams

November 26, 2008

I know everybody loves turkey. Well duh, of course we do. Specially at Thanksgiving. They make great pets. And they’re easy to shoot.

Me, I don’t give a rat’s ass about turkey. I mean, it’s fine. I like turkey. I like turkey sandwiches. I like stuffing, and mashed potatoes, all that crap. But don’t listen to me, I also like Bit o Honey and Velveeta.

But what I’m MOST looking forward to  this weekend is cake. Chocolate cake. Chocolate cake with my mom’s chocolate frosting. Chocolate frosting that isn’t really frosting, but is, rather, fudge.

I don’t really like cake. But I LOVE my mom’s chocolate/fudge frosting. The cake is just a delivery mechanism for the frosting/fudge. I don’t even mind if a bit of the cake sticks to the bottom of the frosting fudge when I eat it. That’s fine.

Because once I’ve started eating the fudge, I really don’t have any idea WHAT is going on around me. Yeah, it’s like ecstasy. I hear.

I have learned to make this fudge/frosting myself, but lately we’ve made a serious attempt to be less fat at my house, so I don’t make it very often anymore. The downside of not making it very much anymore is that when I DO make it, I eat fully three fourths of the entire cake. (Well, truth is, most of the cake remains uneaten, since I’m really only in it for the fudge/frosting.)

My kids aren’t in to it. They love my cookies (because they’re awesome). Ian loves my chocolate popcorn (because it’s awesome). But they don’t love my chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (because they’re idiots).

I’m getting a little lightheaded just talking about it. I may have to make myself a warm up cake to kick the holidays off right.

My goal is to gain less than 10 lbs over the coming weekend. I’m kind of an overachiever.


9 Responses to “thanksgiving dreams”

  1. Technomom Says:

    NO fair telling us about this fabulous frosting/cake and not posting the recipe!

  2. bikemike Says:

    turkey is the most overated meal on the holiday calender. tomorrow i’ll be grilling out the more traditional ribeye steaks with grilled potatoes and green peppers. then either chocolate cake (obviously not as good as yours) or a key lime pie.

    all of this after a nice 60 mile ride on the road.

    Happy Thanksgiving (even if you don’t eat turkey)

  3. mark Says:

    Turkey is fine, so long as it’s not baked in the oven. Oven roasted whole turkey will never be good, because there is simply no way to get everything cooked to temperature in an oven without overcooking other parts of the bird. Which is why turkey fryers are so popular.

    The downside to fried turkey is that every year numerous ER visits and 911 calls come about as a result of mixing beer and/or moonshine with turkey frying duties.

    We still roast turkeys, but that’s because roasting the turkey is necessary to get the turkey stock needed to make pilaf. Then the overly dry turkey becomes a delivery mechanism for cranberries but we have delicious pilaf that is worth roasting a turkey for.

    Of course the entire point of Thanksgiving is to eat pecan pie. And Rachel makes the best pecan pie ever.

  4. Rick S. Says:

    I’ve seen you eat that frosting/fudge. Disturbing.

  5. KanyonKris Says:

    Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without turkey. I’m a traditionalist. I can see that thick slab of juicy, hot turkey now, sprinkled with salt and pepper. Mix in stuffing and cranberries. {drool}

    That cake sounds really good. Yes, recipe please.

  6. SteveA Says:

    I think I blacked out there for a minute just remembering the fudge icing and the growls around the table if anyone got close. My wife came over to eat with my family early on in our marriage and she got her icing swiped because I forgot to tell her unprotected icing was free game and my brothers (DUG!!) would not give her any slack because she was new to the game of stealing your neighbors icing. Fortunately Mom always makes extra. This stuff is heavenly but it tastes better off your brothers (or sister-in-laws) plate. Who can think of turkey with that on the counter.

    bikemike, 2 thumbs up for the key lime pie also but I am still caught up in the vision of fudge icing…

  7. Eliz Says:

    I’m licking the bowl now……..mmmm mmmm good…..

    If you’re late for Thanksgiving…no cake for you!

  8. Eber Says:

    have you tried the chocolate cake upside down in a bowl and then soaked in half & half. thank me later.

  9. UtRider Says:

    My goal is to gain less than 10 pounds on Thursday.

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