December 12, 2008

I am a beanie lover. Not a beanie BABY lover (not that I hate beanie babies, but I certainly don’t love beanie babies, but who could HATE beanie babies?), but rather a BEANIE lover. Some call them “touoques.” Some call them, well, hats. I call them beanies.

I kind of collect them. When I go somewhere cool, I don’t want the t-shirt, I want the beanie. When I do an event, I don’t want their stupid, unwearable t-shirt, I want the BEANIE!

This post is a little self indulgent. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I mean, this whole BLOG is self indulgent, right? Navel gazing at its finest. Welcome to my navel.

The following is a trip through my beanie collection. It’s a little long. I will understand if you need  an intermission.

This might be the first beanie of my adult life. I have no pics of it in the wild, so here it is, you know, in my kitchen (and, by the way, Kim HATES this beanie, and wonders why I still have it–the answer? You don’t throw beanies away! Whatever):

old school beanie

This is a Hurley beanie Kim bought for me like a decade ago. It was, and remains, my favorite beanie of all time. It sat low over the ears, didn’t come to a point at the top (death for a beanie), and also sat loose, so no headache or excess sweat. This is me in the Hurley beanie on the Superior ridge, Little Cottonwood Canyon:

hurley beanie superior ridge

Kim even liked the Hurley beanie, and wore it when she could:

kim hurley

I am sad to report, the Hurley beanie is lost. Loooossssst!

I picked up this Poison Spider bike shop beanie in Moab. It used to have a tassle hanging off the top, but Holden wouldn’t wear it with the tassle, so we cut it off. Notice that we’re a beanie family:

family beanie poison spider 

Now, this next one isn’t strictly a beanie, you know, Per Se (ahh, he’s started speaking Latin! Ahhhh!). It’s called a Buff, and might be the most versatile piece of headgear in the entire head gear arsenal, and I use it a lot, and it’s made the cover of many a magazine. Okay, no magazines, but I’ve got some cools shots of the Buff in action (sorry if I just caused Net Nanny to block you).

This is hiking up main street in Alagna, Italy, Monte Rosa in the background:

alagna blue buff

The Buff in front of the Matterhorn (not in front of the matterhorn in the buff, that’s different):

buff matterhorn

The Buff in front of the Vignette Hut in Italy:

buff vignette

The Buff in front of Mont Blanc:

buff mont blanc

Oh, and I have a black Buff too (too many jokes, must try to focus!):

black buff lone peak

Okay, enough with the Buff. But you get my point. It’s been everywhere.

A co-worker woman whose office always smelled like very strong cheese because she kept very strong smelling cheese in her office knit this next beanie for me. I do not know why she did that–it’s a mystery. It’s wool and a bit scratchy, but a classic:

ski bike beanie

Yup, another kitchen shot.

In Algana, they actually have a centuries old beanie design indigenous to the area, knit by old women, also indigenous to the area. It’s a weird beanie with little practical value. But that didn’t keep me from trying to get value out of it. This is me trying to get value out of it at the top of the Primrose Cirque on Mt. Timpanogos.

timp alagna hat primrose cirque seeing summit

The thing is, that’s not how the old men of Alagna wear that hat. This is how:

alagna beanie

Yeah, this hat is a non-starter. Haven’t used it since that time on Timp. But like I said, you don’t throw beanies away, especially beanies knit by old women in Alagna. It’s bad luck. And just mean.

I got this next beanie for doing the Wasatch Powderkeg, a backcountry ski race from Alta to Brighton. I can’t find it, and I’m a little upset about that.

powderkeg beanie salzburg

These next two aren’t really beanies, they’re hats, but I use them like beanies. Don’t you judge me.

My Spider hat at the Shonrien Hut in Italy:

spider hat shonrien

And my Jamis Bikes hat in the Little Pine couloir in Little Cottonwood Canyon:

me almost top very tired

Okay, also not a beanie, but a cool fisherman hat (and I don’t fish) I got in Tahoe, and used like once, in Goblin Valley. I can use this picture because Holden IS showing some beanie love:

tahoe hat in goblin valley

Another one that’s not strictly a beanie (okay, not LOOSLY a beanie either):

brothersonangels alf hat

K, we’re almost done, just a few more to go. A couple of total stalwarts, the top of the heap in the current collection.

This Black Diamond beanie has been on many an adventure, and the funny thing is, it doesn’t fit the best, doesn’t really wear the best, but somehow it became beanie number one. And it’s reversible.

Silver Fork, Big Cottonwood Canyon:

silver fork bd beanie

The Dreilanderspitz, between Austria, Germany, and Switzerland:

dreilanderspitz austria bd beanie

Digging a snow test pit on the East side of Box Elder peak. We hiked for hours to get here, got a little sketched out, dug this pit, got even more sketched out, and went back the way we came.

bd beanie box elder snow pit

And one more Black Diamond beanie shot, top of Lone Peak:

lone peak bd beanie 

Of course, this is a cycling cap, but lately I’ve taken to wearing cycling caps:

dug kim freaky kenny fri am

Speaking of (or showing pictures of) Leadville, here’s the Leadville beanie, only recently bumped from the “most used” category:

leadville beanie

And a knit beanie with a brim, with the Racer’s Cycle Service logo, a new addition:

racer beanie

And a very comfy Cloudveil hat that I always keep stuffed in the pack:

scotties selkirk beanie

And finally, the Selkirk hat. I also keep this one in the pack for blustery descents in the backcountry, and take it with me for resort skiing, since you have to sit on a lift at the resort. Picked it up in Revelstoke, British Columbia.

Summit of south peak, Mt. Timpanogos:

timp selkirk beanie summit

And when the beanies matter most:

heli and heads beanies

Okay, I’ll stop. I mean, I have more beanies, don’t think I don’t. Oh, I’ve got beanies.

Here’s the last one. I just got this one, and I wear it a lot. It’s top notch. I wore it to church the other day, and as we walked in the door, Kim said “um, you’re taking that off, right?”

I had to think about it.

north face beanie


15 Responses to “beanies”

  1. Jeff Says:

    So…I guess you don’t have one with a propeller on top?

  2. steve Says:

    Jeff, yes he does, he just doesn’t show it off!

    Dug, do you think you could get a few close ups so we could actually SEE the beanies?? Surely you knew you would show them off someday. How about a nice centerfold spread on the counter or something. aaargh, there goes the net nanny again.

  3. andy Says:

    i think this post was just an excuse to show the world all the cool places you’ve been.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    How come your family looks so nice and normal when they have such an unusual, toilet-obsessed, Dad? And, what is “sketched out?” Is that like “freaked out?” Is that Utah slang?

  5. bikemike Says:

    dude, c’mon, nice pictures. man, i hate you. not in a manly, bust a cap in yo ass (ala The Wire) sort of way. more like a jealous, 5 year old school girl, your purple shoes are nicer than my pink shoes, pull your pigtails sort of way.


  6. KanyonKris Says:

    Thanks for your drivers license number – your identity has now been stolen. I was looking for a way to pay for Christmas. And if you get any letters from INS about you applying for a green card, you can ignore those.

    From the many pictures and length of this post, I’m starting to suspect that you like beenies.

  7. dug Says:

    andy, funny story, i actually piled all of these beanies (those that i could find) and had kim take a picture of me in each of them in the kitchen.

    then i thought, hey, how bout i use actual action shots.

    i think that’s better. not you?

  8. dug Says:

    kk, the good news (for me) is, uh, fake. but you know, just in case . . .

  9. Rick S. Says:

    I’m disappointed you didn’t post of pic of you in your hair net. The one you wear when making your cookies.

  10. Miles Archer Says:

    I want a follow up post showing all the hat hair in the fabulous places you’ve been.

  11. I love beanies, too–of course with a last name like Bean, my favorite Beanie is my hubby. And I love all 5 of my little Beanies. And just for the record–Kim should let you wear a beanie to church… We wouldn’t judge. (But we might snicker!)

  12. brkeyes7 Says:

    Buff’s are gay. The Alagna beanie is where it’s at.

  13. wing-nut Says:


  14. mark Says:

    Nice “brokeback blue” ski boots.

  15. Rachel Says:

    Was that first picture Ian as a grown-up??

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