happy holidays

December 12, 2008

Office parties are awesome. AWESOME.


Anyway. We had our office Christmas lunch today. And, actually, the food was delicious. Honey Baked Ham is yummy if it’s at home OR at the office.

And the office has been especially festive lately, thanks to our HR lady:

xmas pic five

What’s not to like?

And she had the lunchroom all decked out, festooned with lovely decorations:

xmas pic three


xmas pic four

See? Nice, eh?

Here we are enjoying the Honey Baked Ham (or about to enjoy it, it hasn’t been served just yet):

xmas pic one blurred

How nice. How idyllic. The very model of a modern major [sort of] corporate Christmas party.

Except. Wait . . . Why is that guy standing in front of the fridge? Could it be he doesn’t want anybody OPENING the fridge? What could possibly be wrong with the fridge?!

Dont’ show it! Don’t Show it! For the love of all things Christmas, DON’T SHOW IT!

xmas pic fridge

Too late. Showed it.

Yup. Still going. Merry Christmas. 


16 Responses to “happy holidays”

  1. bikemike Says:

    1. find company dumpster
    2. throw company fridge into dumpster
    3. buy new company fridge with lock and only let people
    who/whom/whos you trust
    4. merry new year. that’s happy new year. have some
    beef jerky.

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    It seems HR Lady likes the festivities of the holidays, but not dealing with people. I’m sure there’s some clinical psychology definition/word for this disorder. Also in this group are people who use plastic seat covers. Things are more important than people.

    So the chicken and the egg questions is: Does HR Lady dislike people because she has to deal with their problems all day, or does she dislike people as part of her personality but chose HR in an attempt to force herself to like them?

    Or does she like most people, just not dug?

    Were you wearing a beenie the day she locked you out? Maybe she mistook you for a homeless person?

    It’s all coming full circle.

  3. Adventure Nell Says:

    Christmas parties are the opposite of fun but at least you got ham….small consolation but we take what we can get.

    Quick question, does your group do night riding and, if so, what light set would ya’ll recommend? Thanks for any light you can shed on this matter (bad pun, I know!).

    PS I am in Canada so would need to be one that is available internationally.

  4. KanyonKris Says:

    The NiteRider MiNewt.X2 and USB lights seem very popular, and for good reason – they last 2-3 hours and put out a lot of light.

    I’ve got a 2-light system for $65 that works well for me:


  5. That fridge is unholy. I’m with bikemike, pitch the old one. Then sneak a new one in. Your co-workers will think it’s a Christmas miracle. Then again, do you really want to subject a shiny new fridge to those savages?

  6. andy Says:

    just clean it. make that your christmas gift to your office neighbors.

  7. BotchedExperiment Says:

    That would have been a perfect time to bring up the ‘fridge.

    dug: Excuse me. Yes, thanks. Welcome to the party, we’re VERY glad everyone is here in the room, SO WE CAN FIND OUT THE IDENTITY OF THE F’ING F’ER WHO KEEPS F’ING UP THE F’ING FRIDGE.happy new year, where we’re going to find out who the f’ing f’er that keeps f’ing up the f’ing fridge

  8. tonks Says:

    What’s up with the neon orange tree skirts, and what ARE the fluffy brown things all over them? Tribbles? Beanies? Moose poo? Seriously!

  9. Canadian Roadie Says:

    Tonks, I think they’re calf nuts (see http://thepioneerwoman.com/2006/06/the_softest_sub.html )

  10. Groover Says:

    Oh, gross. HR hey? It’s actually a huge advantage and garantees job satisfaction if you don’t like people when you are in HR. Seriously!

    Happy Christmas! 🙂

  11. Flyin' Ute Says:


    I mean this in all seriousness.

    Diet Coke will totally eat right through that crap.

    Just pour it on generously. Let is desolve down through the plastic lining of the fridge a little way and then wallah!!!

    Good as new!!!

    Let me know how it works out.

  12. Jen Says:

    Was the reason he showed it because he was opening the fridge to get the ham out to serve?

  13. Erinb Says:

    I think the brown things are an army of pine cones. I’m a little scared to think how long it took her to place each individual pine cone exactly two inches apart in a diagonal pattern. In the time it took to do that, she could have cleaned up the fridge. I think all Christmas bonuses should be put towards buying a new fridge and hiring a fridge Czar to police this new investment.

  14. steveA Says:

    so, did the fridge ever get opened during this shindig? If so did the hazmat team get called in? It really is time to just flat out ask the owners to get off their butts and buy a new fridge with individual pass codes.

  15. Adventure Nell Says:

    Thanks KanyonKris, I will look into your recommendations!

  16. Rachel Says:

    Is your HR lady named Phyllis or Angela? It looks more like Angela than Phyllis, but I don’t know.

    Seriously, that fridge is killing me. Will you just get me some bleach and a several thick but disposable rags?!

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