when i’m wrong i’m wrong

December 15, 2008

The 40 Year Old Virgin is a great movie for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the shouting of the name “Kelly Clarkson,” but among those reasons is also the exchange between Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd while they play a horribly violent video game (that my 13 year old son is almost certainly playing on a daily basis):

David: You know how I know you’re gay?
Cal: How? How do you know I’m gay?
David: Because you macramed yourself a pair of jean shorts.
Cal: You know how I know you’re gay? You just told me you’re not sleeping with women any more.
David: You know how I know that you’re gay?
Cal: How? Cuz you’re gay? and you can tell who other gay people are.
David: You know how I know you’re gay?
Cal: How?
David: You like Coldplay.

I, myself have been guilty of not a little Coldplay bashing. Which is weird, because I actually enjoy Coldplay. I enjoy them enough that when Kim suggested we all go to see them in concert as a family, I agreed, despite the fact that supergroups such as Coldplay charge as much for their tickets as it would cost to sit next to Obama at the inauguration.

Anyway, it’s been about a month now, but me, Kim, Maddy, Holden, and friend Sierra (Ian refused to go because nobody was biting the head off a live chicken) went to see Chris Martin and company in concert.

Remember in Tommy Boy, when the deer wakes up and proceeds to kick the crap out of the car, totally destroying it, and Tommy and Richard stare in silent disbelief, and when it’s over, Tommy says “That . . . was . . . (and you think he’s gonna say something like “horrible” or something like that, but he doesn’t, instead he says) AWESOME!”

Coldplay was like that. It was AWESOME!

I’m gonna take back every unkind thing I ever said about those guys. They rocked.

Here we are enjoying the rocking (and yes, Holden knows he’s white and lives in Draper):

coldplay me kim holden

Maddy and Seirra:

coldplay maddy seirra one

Me n the little dove:

coldplay dug kim

and the band:


Oh, one more thing about concerts. Concerts bring out the crazies. The hipster couple down the aisle from us, singing every word as loud as they could, TO each other, you know, like they meant it. Just for example.

And is there anything goofier than the air guitar?

Turns out there is something goofier. That thing is the air PIANO! A few rows in front of us was what looked like an entire family, maybe the Five Browns were there, but they were playing the air piano like crazy on the bar in front of them. All of them. And they were shaking their heads and hair around like when Wayne and Garth were listening to Bohemian Rhapsody in the car in Wayne’s World. Like that.

But I don’t want to let the crazy faux Five Browns distract from the purpose of this post, which is namely a mea culpa for my trashing of Coldplay.

Coldplay, I’m sorry. And good luck with that lawsuit.


14 Responses to “when i’m wrong i’m wrong”

  1. Rick S. Says:

    Bringing your wife to Coldplay is a great idea. Otherwise people would thing you are gay. Good move.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Maybe developing a penchance (I have no idea if I’m using that word correctly) for Coldplay is just another symptom of manopause?

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    Did you have to mention the Five Browns? [shudder]
    I watched them perform on TV and they looked like they were possessed – and not in a good way, if there is such a thing.

    Glad you had fun at the concert. If air guitar/piano/ etc. is the worst you saw, concerts sure have cleaned up. My buddy saw plenty of weed going around at a Dan Folgeberg concert back in the 80s at Wolf Mountain (now The Canyons). DAN FOLGELBERG! I guess for some people ANY concert = excuse to smoke pot.

  4. Aaron Says:

    Coldplay should admit that they “subliminally” copied Joe Satriani, they can kiss and make up, and then go on tour together while Satriani accompanies Coldplay. Then their concerts would be a lot less gay.

    Check out the comparison of the two songs:

  5. Bob Says:

    The only way I would excuse this would be if you went in your plaid shorts, with knee-socks and fatty jersey, which you didn’t so no excuse, except maybe that you were caught up in the excitement of all the teens and preteens in the joint.

    Nope, still no excuse.

  6. dug Says:

    jeff, you’re not.

    kk, well, i see the air piano as WAY worse than a little weed smoking. if there were no weed smoking, i would put that in the minus side, not the plus side. i mean, weed smoking? what concerts have you been to where there was NO weed? afterglow?

  7. steveA Says:

    I look forward to the weed at the concerts. Where else can you edge closer and get high 2nd hand legally???

  8. KanyonKris Says:

    There was MORE weed at Afterglow concerts – it was needed to make the music bearable.

    My bad in assuming that no mention of drug use meant there was none. This explains why you now like Coldplay.

  9. b_banks Says:

    Aaron, subliminally my ass…………..

  10. Jeff Says:

    FONDNESS – that’s the word I should have used!

  11. bbringhu Says:

    I play air tambourine, but I don’t think I look silly, especially if I’m wearing my beret.

  12. forgingahead Says:

    I heart Coldplay and you are now officially cooler than me b/c you’ve seen them live. Shoot, what’s the good of living in SF if I can’t even manage to catch a live Coldplay concert???

  13. Yup good move on bringing your wife and kids to coldplay….

    Drugs and alcohol the original auto-tune for musicians

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