at least a two

January 20, 2009

Kim and I watched Mama Mia the other night, which had me wondering, what’s the most embarrassing album I’ve ever knowingly, purposely purchased?

I mean, I went through my Styx phase in junior high, but that’s not really mortifying. I kind of like Charlotte Church, but that just shows diversity. I’ve even paid money for the Bay City Rollers, but that was elementary school, which excuses most things, plus those guys were cool. S S S S Saturday night!

While were were watching Mama Mia, I remembered that I once owned a copy of Abba’s Greatest Hits. And for a short minute, I figured that was it, what could be more embarrassing than a teenager sitting in his room singing along to Fernando?

Except, screw that, Abba rocks. I love Abba. Have you seen Murial’s Wedding? Have you been to Mama Mia? Timeless. Wonderful. I’m gonna find my copy and spin it up.

But that still leaves us with the question–which album purchase do I regret the most?

I hesitate to tell you. Really. I’d rather tell you about the time I pooped my pants. Wait, I already did that.

Okay, here we go: I once walked into a record store and bought a vinyl copy of the soundtrack to Xanadu.

I’m pretty sure that means I can never go lower than a 2 on the Kinsey Scale for the rest of my life.

I guess I can live with that.

36 Responses to “at least a two”

  1. bikemike Says:

    loverboy, wang chung, wilson-philips. oh, this list is long and painful.

    yeah, went to west palm beach a couple of years ago and saw the play, mama mia. absolute torture.

  2. dug Says:

    yeah mike, it gets icky. although, the soundtrack to “to live and die in la” by wang chung i quite liked.

    west palm beach seems like the exact perfect place to see mama mia. what could be better? west hollywood?

  3. Jeff Says:

    I remember owning Hammer’s (after he dropped the “MC”) Too Legit to Quit.

    On a totally unrelated note, all the toilets on the first floor of my office building simultaneously overflowed. It smells terrible down there. Fortunately, I work on the second floor. And everyone is using my bathroom 😦

  4. KanyonKris Says:

    I already admitted to having some Kenny G in the house over on Brad’s (Keyes) blog. Isn’t that enough?

    You know that Seinfeld where Jerry discovers his emotions and George opens up and scares Jerry straight? I already frightened Brad, so I better not divulge any more.

  5. fish Says:

    KK’s admission is definitely in the running.

    As for me, I have to admit to taking Imy wife and girls to Mama Mia in the theaters on opening weekend. While the movie was painful, it was worth it to see my girls dancing in front of their seats. Good times.

  6. bikemike Says:

    to live and die in l.a….now that’s a movie to sink your teeth into and definately icing with the soundtrack.
    actually, wang chung’s not so bad but that first video will give you seizures i tell ya.

  7. KanyonKris Says:

    What the heck. Ready to be scared straight?

    I have two Culture Club (Boy George) MP3s, and some 10,000 Maniacs and Indigo Girls.

    I could watch Xanadu right now and I like Steel Magnolias.

    How you feeling? Straighter?

    What’s wrong with Styx? I think they got a bum rep. Their music is as good as other rock groups of the time (Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Journey). I wore out my tape of Paradise Theater on my first Walkman.

    Charlotte Church just shows diversity? Yeah, I’m “diverse” too.

  8. dug Says:

    kris, there’s a difference. it’s like obscenity, i can’t define it, but i know it when i see it.

    culture club? i like it. indigo girls? i went to the concert.

    and all those bands you just listed suck. styx is just the sucky one i liked.

    but xanadu? XANADU? you’re saying you could watch xanadu right now?

    that doesn’t make me a 1, but it might make you a 3 or 4.

  9. bikemike Says:

    REO Speedwagon…aaaggghhhh….fingernails on a chalk board.

    dug,there’s only two things i’m more passionate about beyond poop, one’s movies, the other is music. i think you’ve hit another nerve/cord with this one.

  10. Steve Says:

    I WAS going to say you could go to “1” on the scale but not since admitting to liking Boy George. That moves YOU to 2+/3 range. Journey rocks.
    BUT, being able to watch Xanadu now definitely puts KK out there also. I liked Steel Magnolias but would not willingly watch it again.
    If you want to go straight, go Country. Garth, A.J., Reba, Shania etc.

  11. Bob Says:

    xanadu, xanaduu – ooh – ooh, now we are here, in xanadu – ooh.

    Summer lovin, oh wait, wrong movie.

  12. mark Says:

    The Escape Club “Wild Wild West.” On cassette.

  13. KanyonKris Says:

    dug – OK, maybe I overshot with Xanadu. I last watched it over 20 years ago so my memory is hazy. I just remember Olivia Newton John was hot and she was a muse or something and the theme song was catchy. I figure I could sit through that, but maybe I’d gouge my eyes out.

    And thanks for the 3-4 rating. What happens on dug’s blog, STAYS on dug’s blog, right?

    Steve – How can you say you liked Steel Magnolias but would not willingly watch it again? Ashamed of the chick flick taint?

    Yes, exposure to country music would scare me straight. Is it just me or is country the trite pop music of today?

  14. bikemike Says:

    kris, if you want real country without the crap, look no further than emmylou harris. man, that women has aged better’n marie osmond. o.k. fess up all you Utah guys and gals, who has marie/donny/any osmond records in their past…huh…anybody…bueller?

  15. KanyonKris Says:

    bikemike – Emmy Lou, huh? I’ll have to take a look/listen. It should be obvious I’m promiscuous, uh make that diverse, in my listening. My Dad turned me on to Alison Krauss & Union Station – the live double album is excellent. That’s kind of country, or more bluegrass?

    Sadly I have no Osmonds. A shock, I know. Well, I do have Donny singing “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from the Mulan soundtrack. The kids and I like to sing along.

  16. dug Says:

    if you must listen to country, and that’s not a given, then i suggest the latest loretta lynn. it’s awesome.

    alison krauss doesn’t count. not really country.

    and no osmonds. unless you’re listening to “joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat. but that is going to bump you up a score or two on the kinsey scale.

  17. tohellandback1st Says:

    i’m a 6, and i have never willingly sat through Xanadu, and hope to keep that record intact; i love the song, however. Steel Magnolias is a classic, but i would never willingly sit in front of it again. i’m a weeper.

    i have olivia newton-john’s greatest hits on my ipod. i still love styx and supertramp* (crime of the century is my favorite song); i have never seen mama mia and don’t have any abba (except a dance mix or two; i’m a 6 remember…)

    in my defense, maybe, probably not, my current favorites are linkin part, eminem, kanye west, wyclef (and the mtc, brookly tab choir, and 24 broadway and 31 movie soundtracks, and barbra…)

    the best thing about an ipod is that you can make a playlist for every person you know and never have to have them hear everything that shows up on your ‘play all’ list 🙂

  18. bikemike Says:

    the osmonds were just a test. i’m originally from south carolina and i couldn’t possibly (thankfully) name one hootie and the blowfish song.

    correct you are dug, alison and bluegrass are special all unto themselves, they will not be tarnished.

  19. Rick S. Says:

    Dug- Do you own any Sting albums? I know how much you like him.

  20. Rob (dug's brother) Says:

    What about the Jets? You remember the Wolfgrams Dug?! Oh ya baby, good times!

  21. dug Says:

    rob, i remember playing playground football with the wolfgrams (the jets). i did not, however, play their records.

    not that there’s anything wrong with their records. they were very round.

  22. Nick Says:

    Dug – as a lad I learn’t to play “Babe” by Styx on my guitar – IU heard it again this week and can’t believe that as a 10 year old that is what i wanted to play. My eight year old plays Queens of the Stone Age – he is much cooler than i was.

    The first vinyl I remember paying my own money for was a Billy Joel album – bur i did buy a couple of Racey 45’s (C’mon Baby lay your love on me’ and ‘Some girls’) they were both big in the Oz.

    And i do remember sitting in my room singing Ca Pla Pour Moi, by plastic Bertrand – did that make it here?

    Alas – Olivia Newton John ruined Xanadu for me – I couldn’t bring myself to watch it, or listen to it. As a lad I loved Physical – but it was all down hill after that.

  23. mary Says:

    I am a little reluctant to jump into this male dominated conversation, but here goes. I really don’t remember an album purchase I regretted (or was embarrassed by, which seems to be the theme going here). But my older brother? Don’t get me started. He used to torture me by singing along to his Barry Mainlow albums. (And I need you today, Oh Mandy) All those sappy lyrics are stuck in my head and it’s totally his fault!

  24. BotchedExperiment Says:

    I can’t believe you had kids with a woman.

  25. BurkeInTheOzarks Says:

    bikemike – “loverboy, wang chung, wilson-philips…” Did you REALLY put those three in the same sentence as equally embarassing? Loverboy I get. Wang Chung had their brief spotlight on the pseudo-cool scene of pop. But WILSON-PHILLIPS?!?

    I’m not much for country music with a few exceptions. Emmylou Harris is one of those exceptions. Her vocals on Bright Eyes’ “I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning” earned my respect.

    When Xanadu came out, I was actually excited to see it. It starred the amazingly hot Olivia Newton-John and the music of ELO. How could it possibly suck? Well, they found a way.

  26. Eber Says:

    what about Rick Springfield & Jack Wagner? okay I am a bit embarrassed about jack wagner (girl cousin influence). Bu Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl, Human Touch…timeless classics.

    Did KK really drop a “taint” reference in your blog?

  27. bikemike Says:

    Burke…i’ll stand with Loverboy and raise you with Winger

  28. forgingahead Says:

    Andy Gibb. My first concert. Hanging my head low. I don’t share that info with just anyone you know.

  29. KanyonKris Says:

    Eber, it aint no dis.

    1: to contaminate morally : corrupt
    2: to affect with putrefaction : spoil
    3: to touch or affect slightly with something bad

  30. BurkeInTheOzarks Says:

    bikemike – Winger, huh? I’ll see your Winger and raise you a Ratt, bookended by the double-awesomeness of Quiet Riot and Dokken.

  31. mark Says:

    KK, way to dodge the taint reference accusation.

  32. JB Says:

    TOTO….Very embarrassing when my kids wanted to know what was on that album. Pure top-40 pop drivel. I am also, in hindsight, a bit disconcerted as I look through my old albums with how often I listened (and sang along with Neil) to “Hot August Nights”. At least for that time in his career he had long hair and wore jeans for his shows.
    Never have seen Xanadu or ever will.

  33. Bob Says:

    I had a girlfriend who gave me the ABBA Greatest Hits CD for my birthday. I said “Thanks” as sincerely as I could muster. When she saw the look on my face, she opened the CD so I couldn’t exchange it. “There. Now you can’t take it back. You HAVE to listen to it. You’re going to LOVE it!”

    I still haven’t listened to it. I did like Muriel’s Wedding tho.

  34. HP Says:

    ABBA is ok, I’ll give them a 3. No cheesy “musicals” for me though.

    I’ll have to admit buying 2 Shaun Cassidy albums. Both equally horrendous. Then there was the Pretty in Pink soundtrack. Ooof. Bad stuff on there.

  35. steveA Says:

    First concert was Bee Gees. Thankfully I didn’t have to pay for it. Actually enjoyed it at the time. you can keep your dokken and heavy metal and I give you the queen of rock and roll, Pat Benetar. Saw her twice and would go again. Queen is also timeless for me.

  36. Steve Says:

    I bought and (here is the embarrassing part) enjoyed the Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever sound track.

    game. set. match.

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