a pretty good day

February 15, 2009

This has been a pretty remarkable year in the Utah backcountry. Not only are we getting lots of snow, but the snow is generally well-behaved. So sort of the opposite of my kids.

A benefit to having a largish group of guys willing to get up at 5am to hike in the dark and ski in the cold is that when, say, 4 or 5 guys CAN’T go, 1 or 2 pretty much always CAN go.

So Saturday me n Mark n Jon got up, got word of those who couldn’t make it, bowed our heads in silence for a second to mourn their absence, then drove up Little Cottonwood to enjoy the feast.

Mark very much doesn’t like the look of that cornice. “You’ll be FINE” me n Jon kept yelling. “No Worries!” Yes, sometimes we follow the existing skin track a little too closely.

mark cornice

So next time Mark took out some anger on a smaller, defenseless cornice:

mark kicks cornice

The line (and the only part of me IN a picture, since I had the camera). Yeah, it’s pretty much bottomless blower:

dug tips

Mark enjoying some cold smoke:

mark in the deep

We did have to do some walking.

badly placed skin track

Picking our way along the ridge:

gnarly tree

After several shots on the north, the long south shot back to the car, um, didn’t suck very much either:

Mark on south

Jon disappearing:

jon disappearing

And, another storm on tap for tomorrow night.

If you don’t ski, um, why not?

3 Responses to “a pretty good day”

  1. tohellandback1st Says:

    um, cause it isn’t something you can easily learn in your backyard without anyone but an evil neighbor or two watching… and then, once you’re better than everybody else, show up and dazzle… at least that’s how my older/est brother tells me i operate

    i think it’s cause it takes too much prep/equipment vs just going out and shooting some hoops

    and i love to sleep in

    and i hate the cold

    a caveat, your current backyard is kind of an exception to the above rule

  2. Miles Archer Says:

    You guys do have avalanch transponders, don’t you?

  3. Jonnie Says:

    Best day of the year hands down….Oh I mean keep those hands out front and don’t get “Rad” in the backseat.

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