a little outrage

February 20, 2009

I remember waaaaay back in elementary school or junior high, when the ERA was making the rounds. I remember some schoolmate whispering his opposition to me: “If they pass the ERA, then we’ll have to share bathrooms with GIRLS!”

Ch ch ch ch. Sh sh sh sh. Ha ha ha ha.


I’m not opposed to sharing bathrooms. But in the meantime, I’d settle for separate but equal.

We went to dinner with some friends last week at a nice little sort of hole in the wall Italian place downtown.

Yada yada yada.

Check this out. The women’s rest room:

al forno bathroom two

Now don’t get all up in my grill, I didn’t bust in there. The door was actually open, and the mens room right next door is a cheesy one hole lockable. Which was locked. So I was stuck in the dark hallway, waiting for it to unlock. So I took pictures.

Here’s the mens:

al forno mens one

Seriously, I don’t ask for a lot. Just give me separate but equal.


7 Responses to “a little outrage”

  1. bikemike Says:

    oooohhhh…i like that tile…when you “dribble” all over the place you won’t notice it. i’m putting that in my home right now. thanks dug.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Is that an oscilating fan in the ladies’ room? How sweet would that be to have cooling you on the throne on a hot summer’s day?

  3. mark Says:

    Why is there a picture of a semi-nude woman on the wall of the women’s restroom? I know why it’s not on the wall in the men’s room. Did they just want to put it somewhere?

  4. steveA Says:

    That’s quite the difference, did you express your outrage to the owner of the offending establishment, the president of NOW and the Salt Lake City AG’s office? What, you’re a guy, get in, get out, move on with more important things. You know women often go to the bathroom in packs and chat. Men start chatting I start peeing faster.

  5. Grizzly Adam Says:

    I have seen nice sofas in womens bathrooms.

    I wonder, since it was an Italian restaurant, if there was a V.O.G. in the bathroom teaching you Italian phrases?

    “How much is the room per night?”

    “Quanto costa la stanza per notte?”

  6. zeph Says:

    what, pray tell, is the handle bar BEHIND the mens toilet used for?

  7. steveA Says:

    a serious answer for a serious question. It too is a handicap bar to help someone balance should they need two sides to grip to help them get safely to the surface of the toilet seat and not to the floor. Of course, there could be other, more imaginative uses…a safety bar to help guard oneself from getting a swirly should one get into such a situation, OR, doing dips during a particularly long session…just some random thoughts

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