three weekend things

March 2, 2009

The trey, the trifecta, the triple, the triumvirate.

Isn’t that how things happen? In threes? I mean, I don’t love the number 3, no, I love the number 6, but is it any coincidence that 3 is HALF of 6? I say No, NOT a coincidence.

Of course, now I’m just babbling, totally reaching for a clever way to say that I have three things from this past weekend to talk about. Bob will tell me that I’m being a spendthrift, that I’m just WASTING material, that I should conserve and milk these three things so I have stuff to write about all week.

That’s how I roll. We work without a net here at . . . wait, WHAT do we call this blog?

Anyway. Three things.

First. Friday night, me, Kim, Rick, and Shelle went to a delightful little restaurant downtown called Faustina. Yummy.

Of course, even delightful stuff can be weird, or have weird stuff. Like, for example, in the bathroom.

faucet full tiny

It’s hard to tell just from this picture what’s so weird.

faucet tiny

Those faucet handles are freaking TINY. Seriously, you have to use your thumb and forefinger to turn the water on and off. I wish I were in the room when the industrial designer who came up with that turned this design in.

“I present . . . the LITTLE faucet!”

“That’s not little. It’s TINY!”

“Yes, I like it. Let’s call it then, the TINY faucet. Because we hate our users. At least those with adult-sized hands.”


Second. After dinner, we stopped at Harmons on the way home to pick up a couple of sundries, including, of course, a taste of gelato. While wandering the aisles I thought for a moment that I had wandered into the twilight zone.

Check it out.


It’s hard to get a sense of scale from this picture, although you DO get a sense of the creepiness. Plus, the sign says “Giant Bunnies.” You know. In case  you’re in the market.

For better scale, here’s Shelle with her favorite bunny:

bunnies shelle

And Kim, with hers:

bunnies kim

That’s right, these giant bunnies are GIANT. And creepy. And probably for people who couldn’t have children of their own. I imagine the target audience is people like Kathy Bates in Misery.

(Very weird side weirdness–I ran into another guy in the store who was taking pictures of the giant bunnies. I am not alone.)

And, Three. Sunday afternoon, we went to Kim’s dad’s house to celebrate Ian’s birthday. I went into the closet to find a shirt to wear, and discovered that Kim had straightened up the closet, and re-organized a bit.

I grabbed a shirt I didn’t even remember having. And later, I went to put a pack of gum in the breast pocket. Jackpot!

shirt the bounty

Finding money in a pocket, even if it’s just like a buck or two (this was NINE bucks), is a joyous experience.

In this case, I found money AND an old movie ticket stub. Let’s take a closer look:

shirt stub

Apparently, the last time I wore this shirt was to see Oceans Twelve (a very unfunny, stupid, preening, winking sequel to Oceans Eleven. Oceans Thirteen took them back to Vegas, and got them back on track.) on December 12, 2004. Over FOUR years ago.

After which, I clearly didn’t put the shirt in the dirty clothes bin, but rather put it somewhere in my closet.

But still, nine bucks is nine bucks. Maybe I’ll buy one of those giant bunnies.


12 Responses to “three weekend things”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    Congratulations on seeing the cosmic connection between the found money and the giant bunnies. Many less observant people would have missed that and suffered the consequences. The giant, creepy bunny is your destiny. I expect to see it in your basket next ride.

  2. bikemike Says:

    whoooa there buddy, better check the expiration date on that cash before you just go willy nilly throwing it around.

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    Maybe the money is your Oceans 12 refund?

  4. christa89 Says:

    Good morning, dug – welcome to the present. It’s now anno 2009, which would mean that 2004 is going on FIVE years ago.


  5. dug Says:

    christa, you are as wise are you are, um, wise. let’s split the difference and call it 4.

  6. Rob Says:

    You should rent Donnie Darko the night before Easter with the kids then suprise them by putting a giant bunny in bed with each of them while they’re sleeping so when they wake up in the middle of the night, they would be suprised and happy (but not scared.)

  7. Rob Says:

    …and the reason you haven’t worn that shirt in 4 years is because of the second button.

  8. Jeff Says:

    It was December 2004…so it’s closer to four than five, so Dug is more correct than Christa.

    I LOVE finding money in clothes. I found a dollar in the lining of my tux jacket on my wedding day. It took some work to get it out, but it was a dollar – that HAS to be a good omen!

  9. bikemike Says:

    just think, now, it would cost you 10 bucks to see that, uh…”movie”

  10. ricky Says:

    So does this mean that if you go back to a shirt you haven’t worn in 8 years you can double your money and find a movie stub for Oceans 6? What if you dug out a shirt you haven’t worn in 2 years? Does that give you 4 dollars and fifty cents plus a stub for Oceans 15? Wait, Oceans 9? What are you waiting for?

  11. Bob B. Says:

    I wish I had taken all the extra money I had in 2004 and put it into a shirt pocket instead of mutual funds. I’d be much wealthier now.

  12. tohellandback1st Says:

    Bob B, thanks for the belly laugh… and cry…

    dug, i kinda liked oceans 12. ok, probably not, they should’ve just called it Pretty Men…and not even 12 of em…

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