crazy double takes

March 20, 2009

I had two moments recently where as I walked past, my head snapped back in a crazy double take, causing me to make more appointments with my crazy chiropractor.

Which reminds me. This is a picture of the “table/bed” my chiropractor uses:


Gives me the heebie jeebies. But what can I say? It seems to work.

Anyway. Here’s the first thing. I was walking past someone’s cube, and saw this out of the corner of my eye:

wtf office

I did the big double take, thinking, Hey, there’s a note on that chair.

wtf chair

That’s right. Jamie has announced to the world that she does not want her chair adjusted. I’m sure she has a perfectly reasonable reason for this. Maybe she’s spent waaay too much money having her chair ergonomically adjusted by a professional chair adjuster, and is just tired of calling him.

“Hi Joe. Yeah, it happened again. I dunno, some dickhead over in Purchasing I think. Yeah, okay, see you soon. I’ll just stand until you get here.”

But still. I mean, when you see a sign like that, what comes into YOUR mind?

Yeah, me too.

Here’s thing number two. I’m walking around Harmons, just enjoying myself, and suddenly I see this:

wtf skein

Seriously. Is that woman wearing a skein of yarn? Just in case she gets stuck in a waiting room and feels like knitting?

Or. OR, she WAS in a waiting room, felt like knitting, and THIS is what she ended up with.

“Hmm. Well, THIS isn’t so bad! Maybe I’ll just put it on. Oh, and hey, remind me to get some lunch meat on the way home.”



10 Responses to “crazy double takes”

  1. bikemike Says:

    she looks like the woman who might own the “comfy” chair with the note…oh i would so mess with that chair.

    the other contraption just looks to alien/predator. i hope i don’t have nightmares from that thing.

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    So after you professional ergonomically adjusted Jamie’s chair, did it look like the chiropractor table/bed?

    Is it hard being you, dug? So helpful and attentive to the needs of others?

  3. Jay Says:

    Wait, this was in the Chiropractor’s office, right? Seems perfectly normal to me.

  4. tonks Says:

    That yarn thing is a great cover up for taking pix of other women’s derrieres, Dug. Kim will never suspect.

  5. Jeff Says:

    I can’t help wondering what happens if yarn lady turns around as you’re taking the photo? I guess you just run for it and find a new place to shop?

  6. forgingahead Says:

    It’s fashion babe. Catch a clue.

  7. mtb w Says:

    If you put that yarn thingy on the ground, how do you pick it up and know which end is which?

  8. steveA Says:

    WAIT! Is this the same woman with the scrunchie things around her ankles that Tonks supposedly knows?? Or just someone with the same fashion sense. You oughta see my friends table. He can bend people in half with it and they PAY him for it. I gotta get me one of those!

  9. steveA Says:

    So, any updates on those new search words from your foray into your past with the good doctor and her leeetle friend???? hmmm.

  10. Andrew Says:

    I have the same crazy chiropractor! Seriously Dr. H is out of control. Effective, but out of control.

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