kids, stay in school!

March 24, 2009

You know how when you have a baby, and you’re so proud, because you’ve never had a baby before, and even though it hurt, and brought you a whole  new set of problems you never envisioned, or maybe you did and had a baby anyway, and even though you’re now exhausted, you are SO happy you had that baby, and wouldn’t trade it for anything?

Right. Me neither. Cuz you know, I’m a man.

But still. Today I took Ian backcountry skiing for the first time. Ian’s first Dawn Patrol. To one of my favorite shots, Scotties Bowl in Little Cottonwood Canyon, on a day with untracked boot top powder.

Ian had no problem getting up at 4:45am, which is something that’s hard to say about most 14 year olds, and also no problem missing his 8th grade science test to hit 2500 feet of bliss. Although the Rockstar he drank in the car on the way DID give him some trouble. But only for a bit.

Here’s Ian, hiking in the dark at 6am:


Still going. He can see the ridge, he can smell the ridge:


And we’re ON the ridge:

ian on ridge three

So close:

ian final push

Ian’s first de-skinning transition. We’re still working on this.

ian transition

The group transition shot, on the cornice Ian couldn’t keep his eyes off:

ian transition group far

Ian doing the two step drop in all his steezy glory:

ian dropping in

And he’s in:

ian in chute upper

Ian killing the chute, acting like he was born there:

ian in the chute

My self-portrait:

tips away

Bob got me dropping in old man spazmatic glory style. (Thanks Bob):

dug dropping

Ian cranking the big mountain turns halfway down:

ian close

A quick break. Notice the tongue:

ian pauses halfway down

And we’re down. The bridge and the parking lot are all that remain.

ian bridge

Oh, did I mention this part? Sorry.

ian hiking to car

The only problem now? How do I keep him going to school? Kids! Stay in School! There’s no money in this.

21 Responses to “kids, stay in school!”

  1. dug Says:

    Kim says:
    And the other best part is that Ian said you talked about getting a “natural high” and how that will last all day. His parting words when I dropped him at school were “yea, I’ll be tired but I’ll have a smile on my face the whole day.”

    That made his mom feel all warm and fuzzy. 🙂

  2. Jenny-Jenny Says:

    Do you ever work?

    • mark Says:

      None of us ever work. There’s no money in dawn patrol, so we just get by on charm and good looks. Actually, there’s a reason we get up at 4:30 a.m. to do this stuff. Don’t you think we’d rather get up at 7:00 like reasonable people?

      Awesome day. Wonderful seeing Ian up there killing it like that.

  3. Grizzly Adam Says:

    Great day on the skis. Very glad I pulled my face off the pillow. Ian, great job!

  4. Aaron Says:

    Ian makes touring look good. We could all use a little fashion advice from him. If you have any pictures of a knuckledragger from this morning, send them my way.

  5. Ty Says:

    Nice job Ian…perfect conditions for your debut. The best part about it is feeling like you got one over all your co-workers and/or classmates.

  6. Rob Says:

    At 14…how cool is that? Nice work Ian – sorry I missed it. Next time.

  7. bikemike Says:

    i watched jon and kate plus 8 last night with my stepson…i’m sure we had ALMOST as much fun…i’m sure

    • mark Says:

      bikemike, when are you coming to Utah? Come this summer, bring your bike, and we’ll show you how else we enjoy these mountains.

  8. KanyonKris Says:

    That intro with the “Cuz you know, I’m a man” punchline killed. Gold, dug.

    Now THAT’s male bonding. Father and son style, no less.

    But yes, stay in school (most of the time). We can do this stuff BECAUSE we stayed in school (most of the time).

  9. Rachel A Says:

    That’s so awesome. I love kids. But I’m a mom. 🙂

    By the way, that line, “even though it hurt” was disturbing. You don’t need to bring that up.

  10. Rick S. Says:

    My mom used to check out out of school early so we could ski at Snowbird. I always thought that was cool. But you’ve set a new standard with this.

    Nice one Ian.

  11. evilreview Says:

    wow, look at all that snow!

  12. Elden Says:

    that looks cold. i was cold once. so i climbed into the carcass of my tauntaun. it’s hard to ski with those on.

  13. forgingahead Says:

    You are just the coolest dad ever!

  14. Senior Says:

    Oh, this kills me! Now i have been replaced on the team with my grandson! Oh, well, it couldn’t be a better replacement! Congrats, Ian! My only complaint was “why wasn’t i invited?” Cuz i have a hard time with 4:45 am? All i can say is, “AWESOME”!, Ian!!! But i do want to come next time! How about Thursday? Love, Senior

    (I did get three hours at Snowbird Monday afternoon with Dr Rosen Rosen, so I can’t complain too much 🙂

    • dug Says:

      no senior, never. there is no replacing, it’s always additive. always. the only way you can be dropped is if you drop yourself. we were up till late deciding if ian could miss his test, negotiating. so it was a bit last minute.

      it’s pounding out there right now, thursday will be deep, but maybe a bit sketchy. i might be able to get creative on friday. how’s your friday morning? block it out.

  15. Eric Says:

    Nice work Ian. Very impressed.

  16. b_banks Says:

    You can officially tell your friends and teachers that you are too cool for school! NICE WORK MAN!

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