surprised by joy

March 26, 2009

Like I need this.

I’ve seen chocolate covered cinnamon bears around. I’ve even eaten regular cinnamon bears, although I don’t like them much.

In fact, I’ve even given chocolate covered cinnamon bears away as gifts, you know, like, hey, thanks for watching the kids yesterday, here you go, enjoy this bag of chocolate cinnamon bears. That sort of thing.

But after all these years, I’ve never actually eaten a chocolate cinnamon bear. Because, you know, it sounds totally disgusting. I’ve never even been tempted, even a little bit.

Well, the other day, Shelle gave Kim a bag of chocolate cinnamon bears for some reason or other. And Kim doesn’t really like them, and the kids seem uninterested in them, so after letting them sit on the counter for a couple days, I figured I’d bring them to work and let whoever comes by the double-wide cube have at them.

Normally stuff I leave for the public is gone in short order, but nobody was “having at” these.

Then, yesterday, Tyler from sales came by, and said “woah, I LOVE chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Do you mind?”

Of course not, have at them.

After he left, I tried to get back to work, and didn’t think more about the bears for a while. But I kept glancing over at the bag, thinking “If TYLER loves them, maybe the ARE good. Nah.”

Of course, eventually, curiosity got the better of me, and I grabbed a bear and popped it into my mouth.

Oh My Hell! The chocolate is so sweet, so smooth. And then, you actually bite the bear, and suddenly you’ve got sweet chocolate AND minty cinnam0n, in the form of a little bear.

I ate half the bag. I’m in trouble. Now I’ve got Twizzler Nibs on my right, a couple little dove chocolate balls in the drawer, AND these amazing, surprising, shockingly yummy chocolate covered cinnamon bears on my left.

But not for long.

15 Responses to “surprised by joy”

  1. brkeyes7 Says:

    When I indulge I indulge in chocolate cinnamon bears. I can’t believe you haven’t eaten them before. BTW, I actually read your entire post today. Every single paragraph. I was captivated.

  2. bikemike Says:

    heh…you said chocolate balls

  3. chtrich Says:

    It’s always good to try new things.

  4. KanyonKris Says:

    I like cinnamon bears (and Hot Tamales and most cinnamon candy – except atomic fireballs, it burns!) and didn’t know they came chocolate covered, until now. I sense another addiction coming on.

    Double-wide cube, nice.

  5. Grizzly Adam Says:

    They have been an indulgence for my wife and I for quite a while now. For Valentines Day, its all she wants. I bought her 3lbs from the bulk bin at the grocery store.

    They really might be the worlds best candy treat.

  6. ricky Says:

    choco and cimmanon, er cinnamon just doesn’t seem like a good match. i’ll take your word for it. word.

  7. forgingahead Says:

    I am so afraid of adding more tasty foods to the list of what I can’t live without that I refuse to try new things. Not really, but it sounds good.

  8. KanyonKris Says:

    I picked up some chocolate covered cinnamon bears after work. They’re good, but not so incredible that I’ll become addicted. I guess that’s good. I was hoping for stronger cinnamon flavor – these bears were pretty mild. I enjoyed the new flavor.

  9. steveA Says:

    By coincidence one of my patients just told me about this exact candy and she enjoys them hugely!! I said, like you, that they sounded kinda gross. I was inundated with praise for the choco cinnamon bears and was promised a sample. Well, Today she came back, told me she bought some and then “forgot” to bring me some. Likely story and they’ll be gone by Monday. But, I am not spending money on something I may not like, Dug’s endorsement notwithstanding.

  10. steveA Says:

    Dug,if you are not too tired from any early morning skiing I am sure we would all enjoy the geese and Dug’s dog story before the weekend!!!

  11. Jenny-Jenny Says:

    I guess no matter how good they are chocolate covered cinnamon bears won’t be in your pocket this Sunday?

  12. VA Biker Says:

    Dug, how in the world do you not weigh over 200lbs and be the true Fat Cyclist? If I ate all the junk you describe (not that I wouldn’t want to), it’d be hideous.

    Must be all of that skiing when you’re not biking. You’re still burning excess calories well. Do you think it’ll all blow up on up you when you get closer to 50? It’s so dang hard to change those habits of say, 35-40yrs…

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