wally world

April 12, 2009

The best part of our trip to San Diego (a vacation I’m still on, by the way, I’m typing this from Pacific Beach) was NOT going to Wally World. I LOVE not going to Wally World.

Here we are partying on the boardwalk:

kim bike three

ian bike one

And a little movie watching in the beach house:

kids tv

Hangin in town on the cruiser:

 bike shot

Our favorite food, Taco Surf:

taco surf

Kim n Holden watching the sunset:

kim holden bench  

And Holden hangin with his posse:

holden girls beach

By the way, I’m leaving Holden with the LeBlancs. We were at a BBQ at a friend’s house, and Holden came rushing into the kitchen yelling “Dad! Dad! Come outside, hurry, you’ve got to see this!”

They had a hummingbird feeder. Love him.

Oh, and here’s my second favorite part of the trip. Me n Rick n Erol rode Mount Palomar. Palomar Mountain. Mt. Palomar. Whatever. It was hard. But what a road. I had no idea. Like riding American Fork Canyon, but since it was part of my not-going-to-wally-world vacation, it was better. 14 miles of climbing, over 4,000 vertical. So good. I’m going to take back some of the things I’ve said about Southern California.

Oh, and the upper third of the mountain was shrouded in rain and fog. Rick got to the top first, duh, and when I joined him at the top, I asked “Is the store open?” He totally cracked up, thinking I was just being my usual hilarious self.

“No, seriously, I read about this climb (of course), and I’m telling you, there’s a store and restaurant up here.”

We stood at a weird 4 way stop, and there was a big flat bed trailer covered in snow on the side of the road, blocking a “you are here” sign and pavilion. I climbed through the mud to the pavilion to look at the sign. Which clearly depicted a store and restaurant on the other side of the road. But all we could see was shadow and fog.

“You go over there and see” I said, since I couldn’t feel my left foot or my fingers.

He went and from the mist, I heard a very faint “hey! there’s a store over here.”

I wandered over into the darkness, hoping Erol would find it like we had. He did.

We felt much better post-hot chocolate.

rick erol store palomar

See? Open.

rick store palomar

dug store palomar

The upper third of the descent was pretty hairy, since visibility was about 50 feet, and we had no feeling in our limbs. But once we were out of the cloud, ohhhhh, it got real good, real fast. Erol and I traded 50mph pulls all the way to the car. Sweet Sweetness.

Looking back up at the mountain in the cloud:

bottom post ride two

San Diego is nice. I wouldn’t want to live here, but I sure like visiting.

kim sunset

14 Responses to “wally world”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    As if your blog wasn’t entertaining enough, now dispatches from foreign lands!

    Dude, you’re stylin’ on that cruiser. Blending right in with the SoCal style. Did anyone ask if you’re Eminem, or an actor, or if you had some weed for sale?

    The Mt. Palomar sounds good. And bonus points for the store intel. How many months has it been since you’ve let rip on a road descent? Must have been joy.

    What’s with the funhouse mirror effect in the 1st photo?

    Comedy points to Ian for the backseat driving.

  2. evilreview Says:

    i’ve said this for years, but it seems to be increasingly true: maddy is kim’s clone. in your taco surf picture i had a moment of cognitive dissonance as i tried to figure out which was which.

  3. brkeyes7 Says:

    que cholo!

  4. Aaron Says:

    Dude, check out the picture of Rick in front of the store. He can’t stop doing jazz hands ever since he got his new “sassy” gloves.

  5. savvymama Says:

    Hey Dug,
    Loved your blog about San Diego! I got to see
    a lot of pics before you guys are even home!
    Looks like it was a lot of fun!! That’s totally
    hilarious about the store on top of the Mt.

  6. Rob Says:

    Wha?…I was talking to Rick about the trip before you guys left since I am in LA this week with my family (and yes, we are going to Wally World – our kids have never “officially” been and I need it off of my conscience.) I asked if he was bringing his bike and he said – and I quote – “Nah, this trip is about the kids…” Which I thought was a pretty cool thing to say. I therefore decided not to bring my bike. Rick? How could you?

  7. mark Says:

    I think that’s called a head fake.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    “San Diego is nice. I wouldn’t want to live here, but I sure like visiting.”

    As someone who regularly runs on that very same boardwalk I ask, did you observe the posted 8mph speed limit on those cruisers?

    I had a similar feeling when visiting Park City area for a ski trip last year. Fantastic trip, definitely will be back to check out more. Glad to live in SD.

    Thanks for sharing your tourist dollars! We have a little shortage of cash down here if you haven’t heard…

  9. zeph Says:

    i like that the pic of ian has an add for Ass Bottles in the background. that rules.

    p.s. i covet Rick’s bike.

  10. erol Says:

    yo holmes. i am still dreaming of that cacauphony of sound we made in the wind with our bikes, our breathing, and maneuvering. swapping the front with you was the only way two fatties can redeem ourselves while riding with rick “dont call me ricco” sunderlage. what a ride. i would get up at 2 am and drive the 5 hours to that ride just to do it again. absolutely one of the most enjoyable times i’ve had on two wheels of any kind. (pants on of course) but dug, please, next time you are going to take photos, give a lttle warning so i can suck in the baby pouch.

  11. erol Says:

    p.s., if there are any clinical psychologists out there, i’m somewhat embarrassed to say i did this ride without a helmet. something is seriously wrong. i think i have crashed my dirt bike or mt. bike too many times and have lost my inhibition. im a physician with three kids and a beautiful wife, but for some reason i behave like an idiot. ask dug how long i ride wheelies on my ducati with the ipod and skull candy’s crnking lil wayne or tech9. am i friggin 16 or the 40 my passport says? any help? i’ll pay your hourly rate for “psycho” analysis. yeeha

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