still perfect

April 21, 2009

So remember how Kim’s little brother (not so little now, he’s like 6’4″ and has kids) can’t lie?

Some years (a lot of years) back, my sister, Leslie, who lives in Los Angeles and works in the movie business, went on location somewhere far away for a few months, and she lent me her car while she was gone. It was a nice car, an Infiniti I think.

When she returned to LA, I drove her car back down to her. Daniel was a teenager by then, and wanted a bit of adventure. What could be more adventurous than to drive from Salt Lake City to LA with his super fun uncle Dug? I ask you, What?

So we drove down together.

Remember how Las Vegas is on the way from SLC to LA? Well, I likes me a little blackjack. I once won about $1100 in Wendover, NV. Okay, I won most of that playing the twelves on roulette, but I still loves me some blackjack.

Daniel and I stopped in Las Vegas to play a little blackjack. I think Daniel was like 16 years old, but he was tall. Unfortunately, he was also a little babyfaced.

We got in about 10 minutes at the tables before a pit boss wandered over and asked Daniel if he was 21. I looked at him, fully expecting that he would have learned what you say when someone asks you if you’re a God.

He hadn’t. He stammered for a second, and then muttered “I’m 16.”

The dealer smiled ruefully at him while we got up and as we walked away, I heard her say “pobrecito.” Yeah, thanks for the “cito.”

Someday I’m going to get Daniel to lie. You hear that Bud? I’m coming for you.

10 Responses to “still perfect”

  1. steveA Says:

    maybe he hasn’t seen ghostbusters yet? Or did Mr. fun uncle sit down and see it with him prior to said trip? Funny story though. How much did you lose due to leaving early?

  2. bikemike Says:

    he doesn’t watch “House”, does he? everyone lies.

  3. andy Says:

    weird. you wrote “Kim’s little brother” but my mind read “lil Kim’s brother” and i was wondering why you were posting about a r&b star’s sibling.

  4. LT Says:

    um, not to be picky, but wouldn’t you be the cool bro in-law and not the “super fun uncle”?

    • dug Says:

      LT, you as astute as you are anonymous. yes, bro-in-law is the correct nomenclature.

      the lesson, as always, i am an idiot.

      but in my defense, i was old and he was not, so it FELT like i was his uncle.

  5. Rachel W Says:

    did you call yourself “uncle dug”? whatever. You’re right though, he actually can not lie.

  6. Daniel Says:

    Well, I’ll have you know that a few years later (still not 21) I was in Vegas and my best friend who was sitting right next to me at the Blackjack table got carded. I looked the other way and pretended I didn’t even know him. He then stomped off to the parking lot and had to wait for me until I was done losing. My heart was racing. Do I get any credit for that?

    • stevenbpt Says:

      I would give you a lot of credit. That’s a good first step to a life full of lies!! Your friend gets a little credit for not ratting you out. Dug gets demerits for introducing you to another way to lose your money.

  7. Rachel W Says:

    Do you actually have 9 entries under pussiness?

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