a very rawrod

April 27, 2009

Saturday I did the totally cliche thing and went and rode White Rim (RAWROD) with Kenny, Elden, Brad, and the rest of the gang.

It was hard. I have written about this before, and I don’t really have much more to say about it. Except every time I do it, I wonder why I’m doing it.

I think this was the 15th time I’ve been around White Rim, including the several times I’ve done it as pleasant multi-day excursions with Kim. The first time I did White Rim, we got 20 miles in and camped in the rain all night, and had to turn around and walk out, because the mud was too thick to ride.

So, you know, in comparison to that, every time since, including the time Bob and I did it in 110 degree heat on the Summer Solstice, was no big deal.

This year we had a 25-50 mph headwind for about 80% of the ride, because as you head clockwise around the rim, the wind shifts with the day, especially if there is a front coming in. We had wind, then cold, then hot sun, then wind, then more wind, then rain, more wind, hail, more wind, hot sun, and then more wind. The weird thing is, given all that, I totally enjoyed myself. I loved it. I hope we do this every year for the rest of Kenny’s life (I don’t want to do it after Kenny’s dead.)

On the backside of Murphy, I hooked up with Bry, Kenny, Jilene, Lee, Lee’s friend, Mark, and Mark’s brother Steve (and others came and went), and we chugged along for about 20 miles into the teeth of the wind. The pace was clearly higher than I could sustain, except I was so terrified of losing this train and being left to negotiate 20 miles into this headwind alone, that I ate two of my own fingers while we rode to replenish my energy so I could stay tucked in. Lee finally said what we were all thinking. “Hey, why the hell are we going so fast?”

Thanks Lee. You saved my life, man.

The final 3 mile, 1500 vertical feet climb back to the car was the best weather of the day. Except when I got to camp, the fast guys quickly told me that my big springbar tent had blown over and broken a pole. Which I guess is better than Jason’s tent, which broke TWO poles the night before while he was trying to set it up in the wind.

I didn’t bring a camera and I forgot my earphones, but I had my iPhone and I’ve stolen several pictures from fellow riders.

Stole this from Heather. My tent in the pre-dawn, before the wind got crazy. Looks all idyllic, doesn’t it?


Elden and Kenny in the most awkward man-hug ever recorded:

elden kenny awkward hug

Rick just has to get into the shot, even if it’s the back of his head.

rick's head others mussleman

Elden at some random location. He’s being coy, acting like he doesn’t want to be in the picture. You know he loves the camera.

elden random location

Hanging at White Crack thinking about rolling on to Murphy’s.

white crack

Just so you know, it really IS called White Crack. One way you can tell who’s been here before and who hasn’t–if it’s your first time, you still make White Crack jokes.

white crack sign

It’s all downhill after this, I swear.


Elden rows the singlespeed boat:

elden and eb and adam

And Adam rows the singlespeed boat, but it looks like he’s running like a 34X12 or something.

adam big gear

And, Tyler preps for the final climb out. (Hi Mike!)

tyler mineral bottom

Kenny, I know it’s getting big, but don’t let it go. RAWROD is what gets me to put the skis away and get the bike out every Spring. I need it man. I NEED it.

21 Responses to “a very rawrod”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    I enjoyed your telling of the Summer Solstice RAWROD as we ate brats around the campfire.

    “Dude, we should go to a hospital.”

    I had a White Crack joke planned. As I was drafting behind you I was going to pull down my shorts to half cheek then ride past you asking “what’s the next stop?” The only thing that stopped me was Jilene riding up. In my mind it killed. I guess I dodged a rookie mistake.

    • mark Says:

      We didn’t need white crack jokes in that paceline because LJ’s friend’s shorts kept creeping down.

      Oh, and I don’t think Jilene would have minded. She wandered all of 10 feet off trail when nature called. I’ve known very few women so comfortable peeing in front of a bunch of men.

  2. Grizzly Adam Says:

    It was only a 32×19 on Saturday, but it felt like a much taller gear.

  3. chtrich Says:

    I was a rookie…..nice joke KK

  4. VA Biker Says:

    Hey, where are the basket and monkey? 😦

    Um, not that we need those items to identify you with the traditional shorts, but those are dug-esque icons, too, for sure. (At least for the 2008 cycling season.)

    Going to debut something new for this year?

    • dug Says:

      the basket and monkey died at fall moab last november in a crash. i need a new schtick. i guess i could be like that guy from “singles” where my schtick is not having a schtick, but i’m thinking i’ll find a schtick. maybe streamers.

  5. Flyin' Ute Says:

    As painful as that ride was it is already starting to make me smile just thinking about the sandblaster that hit me on the top of Hardscrabble.

    Pain. It’s a beautiful thing.

  6. fish Says:

    I wish I would have had it to jump on that train as you guys came by.

    Flyin’ Ute – your reset switch is amazingly fast. It’ll take me at least a few more days before I can look back fondly on the last 25 miles, if I ever can.

  7. Jdub Says:

    Dang man, sorry to hear it got your tent too. Poor Steve had claimed one side of my tent that lost a pole, and spent the night getting slapped in the face by the unsupported section that whipped hard everytime the wind gusted. Great times!

  8. stevenb Says:

    Yeah, Dug, what did happen to the basket? As I recall it suffered badly in a fall but I can’t remember.

  9. tohellandback1st Says:

    thanks, dug (and Tyler). nice start to the day…is it friday yet?

  10. eber Says:

    speaking of tucking in…thanks Dug and Brother Lewis for pulling me across the highway (our first taste of wind all day). Glad I could pay you back…albeit on the downhill.

    Being a rookie and facing that brutal wind all day you’d think I’d be loathe to give er another go, but like you I had a truly great time. Hope I get invited again next year.

    PS – rode Jacobs and Clark’s last night and guess what met me there. More friggin wind – although when you take sand and hail out of the equation the wind wasn’t too bad. Scratch that…it still sucked.

  11. grizzly adam Says:

    I just noticed that the picture of “some random location” where Elden is trying not to look like he knows he is in the shot – is at the top of Murphy’s. How do I know this? I am in the background just about ready to puke my guts out after that wretched climb.

  12. Rick S Says:

    dug- did sand get in your fresh wounds? Cuz that would really suck.

  13. stevenb Says:

    What does RAWROD stand for anyway? Sorry, not a bike guy.

    • dug Says:

      steve, being a bike guy wouldn’t have helped you here, it’s a manufactured acronym. “ride around white rim in one day.”

  14. mary Says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that Kenny looks like a stripper in the armwarmers and sleaveless jersey, or are the rest of you too polite to point it out? (No, that can’t be it.)Is this the new look for 2009?

    • dug Says:

      mary, you are not alone. it’s a retarded look that both brad and kenny love sporting.

      on the other hand, if anybody can pull off the chippendale/biker thing, it’s brad and kenny. maybe i’m just jealous.

  15. […] Dug gives you directions to the camp site…it is a good idea to have a backup source.  (Hi […]

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