sushi heaven

May 21, 2009

Like most of humanity, and some members of the canine family, I used to think sushi was gross.

Of course, that was before I tried sushi. Now, I can’t get enough. I mean, I’m not crazy. I like normal sushi, the kind of sushi, I’m sure, REAL sushi connoisseurs would sneer at. I like the Playboy roll, the Vegas roll, I like stuff with cream cheese in it, I like sashimi/nigiri that is pretty much tuna or salmon or something else I’ve heard of.

The point is, I love sushi. When I get done eating a big meal of sushi, I generally think, that was yummy. And I could totally eat all of that again. Not the SAME stuff, but fresh servings.

But today for lunch, Louie and Rich took me to their favorite local sushi place. Favorite because they have a lunch special–for $15 you sit at the bar, and order up. And up. And up.

Seriously, you tell him what you want to start with, and before you’re even taking your first bite, the chef is asking you what you want next.

We started with, and I am not making this up, TWENTY orders of nigiri.

Then we each ordered a long roll. And another. And another. NINE long rolls.

  • San Francisco
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • King Kong
  • Steves
  • Rangoon
  • Irish Veggie
  • Philly
  • Mango Tango

And just when I was about to throw in the towel and declare Rich and Louie the sushi champions of the world, Rich ordered one last item, the Upside Down Spicy Shrimp.

sushi spicy shrimp

They were like candy. That’s the Irish Veggie on the left, Upside Down Spicy Shrimp on the right.

Louie said something to the Chef about the Upside Down Spicy Shrimp not being so spicy. The guy took some offense, not like Soup Nazi offense, more like “Oh Yeah? You want spicy?” Louie did want spicy.

The chef had to go to the back for the special spicy, like they kept it locked up or something. He mixed it up in a bowl, and instead of being nice and creamy colored like the ones in the picture up there, they were blood red.

sushi louie spicy shrimp

Louie cried a little. Rich simply smiled and said “hey, that has a little kick.” I passed.

In all, I figure we ate about $150 worth of regular menu sushi.

We spent $45. Between the three of us.


13 Responses to “sushi heaven”

  1. Keith Says:

    I grew up in Texas, so for many years I referred to sushi as “bait”. I always thought sushi looked not like something you’d eat, but something you’d use to CATCH something you’d eat.

    Then I tried it (in Poland, of all places), and I too am a convert.

    If only we had a $15 all-you-can-eat sushi bar nearby…

  2. jon Says:

    Where is this place?! Please say Utah County!

    • chtrich Says:

      There is a similiar type of place in Utah County. Just off Exit 276 in American Fork as Nordica said. It’s called Sushi House and runs about $15 for lunch and $20 for dinner. It was very good, but when I was there they weren’t serving anywhere near as fast as Dug describes Simply Sushi doing. For 4 of us it took about 1.5 hours for lunch. Hopefully they’ve hired some additional help since then.

  3. anniepalmer81 Says:

    Pretty impressive deal.

    I have yet to try sushi. It just sounds gross to me.

  4. Nordica Says:

    I think it’s in American Fork….just off the freeway (close to the old WalMart location)

  5. KanyonKris Says:

    I just felt $15 leave my wallet. Poof.

    Using my keen deductive skills (aka looking at the pictures) I’ve determined it’s Simply Sushi and, I hate to say, the 2 locations are in Salt Lake valley. Fortunately for me, the West Jordan location is 10 minutes from work – hence the disappearing $15.

    My wife and I discovered sushi 4 years ago and it was a revelation. How could we have missed out on such yummy food? Now we’re making up for lost time. For almost every “occasion” (very loose definition that ranges from anniversary to just-feel-like-it) we choose sushi. My current favorite is the BSCR (Baked Scallop California Roll) at Happy Sumo.

    If this is bait, I don’t wanna be right. Er, something.

  6. Aaron Says:

    Mmmmm…. I’d drive to SLC for lunch for that deal.

  7. mark Says:

    That sounds um, awesome.

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  9. forgingahead Says:

    love sushi!

    how does that guy stay in business?

  10. bikemike Says:

    devil’s advocate here…how come they charge more for non-cooked fish than cooked? and you can get sick for undercooked fish?

    oh and while we’re at it, how come jessica beil is having a hard time getting movie roles because she’s so beautiful? does she eat too much/not enough sushi?

    the world just ain’t right, man.

  11. JB Says:

    Wasn’t yesterdays post about somebody’s big butt on a bike ride???

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