everybody gets a hug

May 28, 2009

The nice thing about the Special Olympics is that EVERYBODY gets a hug at the end. This afternoon, Elden and I held our very own, private Special Olympics.

The ride went down pretty much exactly as Elden predicted–he went out hard, I tried to keep myself under control, he got a gap, I wanted to die.  And on the second lap, we reversed everything but our actual locations.

Unfortunately, I felt SO icky on the first lap that I could have felt like Sam or Brad on the second lap and it wouldn’t have mattered. At the top of Clarks on the first lap, I seriously considered getting off and walking. Elvis and I spent some quality time together, reminiscing about his Army days.

But on the second lap, I felt good enough so as to harbor real ambitions of closing the gap. That was stupid. Although, in my defense, I think I could have shaved several minutes off my time if I hadn’t been attacked by a few thousand inch worms. I’m STILL picking them out of my hair and, um, other places.

But at least at the finish, I got my Fat Cyclist hug. Remember in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, when Ruprecht the Monkey Boy (Steve Martin) hugs that woman from Omaha, Lady Fanny of Omaha? The hug gets pretty uncomfortable, and Lawrence Chesterton (Michael Caine) has to threaten him with the genital cuff.

It was like that.

26 Responses to “everybody gets a hug”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t pull out the win. I was giving you better odds. That Elden is a fast healer, er, fast weight-dropper fitness-gainer.

    Classic scene from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – one of my favorite comedies. The film isn’t hilarious all the way through, but the good scenes are really good. It’s worth watching for the “may I go to the bathroom?” scene alone, not to mention the running switch across the bare legs.

    • Frank F Says:

      My favourite too! and my wife uses it whenever we have my family over for dinner. It cracks me up just thinking about it.

  2. grizzly adam Says:

    Oh great. Inchworm season again.


    But at least you got to race the real course…

  3. Eber Says:

    I am crestfallen. First Pioneer of the Nile and now you.

    May has been full of disappointment.

  4. VH1 Says:

    You are a WINNER in my book! I too was attacked by the worms. I had one fall off my jersey and land in Quincy’s crib tonight while tucking her in.

  5. bikemike Says:

    i double dog dare you to go running through the trail on the next ride, holding a pot over your head and hitting it with a wooden spoon yelling, “Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma”.

  6. Miles Archer Says:

    Oh man. Must skip the gloating session that sure to come on fatcyclist.com.

  7. LT Says:

    Don’t hate yourself ! You’ll get him next time, Mister Happy!

  8. Flyin' Ute Says:

    I was wondering what those little black things were sticking to me on my ride yesterday.

    Nice race.

  9. Rick S Says:

    Did you properly inflate your tires? I’m sure it came down to running the wrong PSI.

  10. Brett Says:

    haha yes, blame it on the inchworms. I rode clarks and ghost yesterday, showered twice, and still woke up with one crawling on my arm this morning. Sneaky devils!

  11. Blackdog Says:

    Rick S is on to something. I vaguely remember a post about you having tires full of water once? That Fatty guy is too nice. I do not trust nice people.

  12. GenghisKhan Says:

    Have yet to explore the Corner Canyon, but inchworms might keep me away for a while–just not a fan of mass bug attacks (Rode through a thick, THICK cloud of gnat-like flying yuckies a few years back near Sundance and think a few are still stuck in the hair on my arms!).

  13. […] Dug were a car racing video game, he would be one of those where you have to earn your turbo boost […]

  14. mark Says:

    I saw the hug, and it was worse than an inchworm crawling up….well you get the idea.

  15. ricky Says:

    bees, inchworms, what’s next?

  16. GenghisKhan Says:

    Just how long were these inch worms, anyway?

  17. Steve Says:

    huh. Elden completely left out the hug.

  18. Vermont Rob Says:

    Thanks for the references to the best scene of a GREAT movie. Laughing at that made me forget about feeling a little guilty for laughing at the Special Olympics reference.

  19. Frank F Says:

    You’re still special … in an Olympic sort of way.

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