like puppies in a box

June 1, 2009

On the three hour drive home from Goblin Valley over Memorial Day weekend, I had 3 teenaged boys in my backseat.

Don’t tell me there’s no love in the world anymore. Obviously, there’s plenty of love.

cuddling boys

Like puppies in a box.


12 Responses to “like puppies in a box”

  1. bikemike Says:

    do puppies snore? i know they pass gas in their sleep.

  2. Steve Says:

    Do they know you took this and posted it? I think I would have run away from home if my dad had done that! But, that said, it looks just like puppies in a box!

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    I used to be able to sleep anywhere anyhow when I was a kid. Not anymore.

  4. Grizzly Adam Says:

    I am glad that when I was a teenager, there was no such thing as the internet.

  5. LT Says:

    the culprits of the “tennis shoe” in your toilet ?

  6. Kt Says:

    I think the one on the far right is faking sleep, his eyes are squinched shut which is a sure sign of a faker.

    Cute pic, though; are they ready to kill you yet, or was your revenge from the “shoe” in your toilet?

  7. mary Says:

    The one on the right is definitely faking sleep because his friends are comatose and he would be stuck conversing with the “adults.” I’m betting Dug’s kid is the one in the Beanie.

  8. Steve Says:

    Reminds me of a pic of my 3 kids in the back seat. All asleep, all leaning on each other like a stack of dominos, all wearing BurgerKing hats.

  9. forgingahead Says:

    Oh man, that is just too precious for words!

  10. gbrown Says:

    Who’s the handsome kid with the curly locks?

  11. Kenzi Says:

    hey. This is my first blog I’ve written in besides my dad’s. UMMMM dad. What picture exactly? I don’t remember this.!

  12. Henry Garcia Says:

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