i will NOT apologize for this

June 3, 2009

I drink the milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl.

There, I said it.

What? It’s awesome. I’m not saying I prefer it to a freshly poured glass of cold milk. Not saying that.

But I AM saying the milk at the bottom of a bowl of Cap’n Crunchberries is magically delicious. Yummy.

I drink it. Every time.


Don’t judge me.

52 Responses to “i will NOT apologize for this”

  1. fish Says:

    You shouldn’t apologize for it – I won’t either. Especially for the Crunch Berries.

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    Also unapologetic. Why waste the milk? And it’s sweetened – like chocolate milk, and people don’t think that’s weird.

    I had some Lucky Charms the other day – I think that produces my favorite post-cereal milk.

    Now those bananas, past my preferred prime.

    And is that RELAX in the window? The dug family moto or just decoration?

    • dug Says:

      kk, that IS relax. some families preach love at home. some preach unity. we preach RELAX!

      and those bananas are just banana bread waiting to happen.

  3. I think the milk at the bottom of the bowl is WAY better than a fresh glass. I drink it every time and I’m too busy slurping up all it’s sweet goodness to apologize for it.

  4. murchball Says:

    I get upset with my kids when they throw out a half a bowl of milk after they’ve finished their cereal.

  5. andy Says:

    doesn’t everyone do that?

  6. MOCougFan Says:

    I wasn’t aware that there were people that don’t drink the milk. Why would you not? Crunchberry milk is awesome.

    Also I love how we inspect all aspects of the photo… the rotten bannanas, RELAX, you staring at Holden while he’s taking the photo to make sure he’s taking it correctly, etc.

    • dug Says:

      just to give credit where it goes–maddy took the picture. the one of me NOT staring at her was blurry.

  7. chtrich Says:

    From the picture I thought this post was going to be about drinking from a bowl in general, not just finishing the milk from cereal.
    I wish to not apologize for drinking from a bowl at all. It’s so much easier to finish off soup to drink it, than take a multitude of small spoonfuls.

  8. I always drink the milk at the bottom of the bowl – even after eating my normal unsweetened, high fiber, somewhat granular Kashi (have to be careful not to choke on the cereal debris). Now, my husband (MrTeamPhillips, of course), also drinks the milk, but not “dug style” (out of the bowl), but one spoonful at a time. We actually had a discussion about which method was more socially acceptable, and then decided we didn’t care. Mmmm, cereal milk!

  9. bikemike Says:

    “Boy, you betta put some water on that cereal and eat it!”

    is it just me, or is the first “Friday” movie kinda the hood version of “The Princess Bride” with movie quotes?

    after my comments this week, i’m sure it’s just me.
    i will now commence to shutting up. you’re welcome.

  10. Jenny-Jenny Says:

    Nothing better than cereal milk at the bottom of the bowl. It’s best when you are also killing the box of cereal then your milk has extra sugary goodness.

  11. dug Says:

    i must say i’m gratified (and not a little surprised). i expected a backlash, but so far the count is 100% in favor of the bottom of the bowl milk.

    i’m alone in my immediate family as a bowl drinker, but i see i’m not alone in the larger world. we’re all drinking our bowl milk under the same big sky.

  12. Rachel A Says:

    Crunchberry milk is good; Reeses Puffs milk better.

  13. Rachel A Says:


    I mean “Crunchberry milk is good; Reeses Puffs milk is better.” Or “Crunchberry milk is good, Reeses Puffs milk better.” I hate grammatical errors.

  14. Mary Says:

    Sorry to mention this on a food-related post, but thought Dug needed this link as it applies to his fixation with all things related to the bathroom: http://springwise.com/non-profit_social_cause/peepoobag/

  15. Lin Says:

    Wow. I never drink the milk that’s left, I guess I’m the only one. Never even wanted to. Never saw anyone in my family do it either. By the time I’m done with the cereal, the milk that’s left will be filled with debris, and will be warm, and i don’t like either of those things. And i don’t want to drink what surely must contain my own backwash, because anything that has to do with spit coming back in or going out of my mouth makes me want to gag.
    Is that weird?

    • KanyonKris Says:

      In this blog microcosm where you’re the only non cereal-milk drinker, yes, it’s weird. In the wider world, no, not weird.

    • Philip Says:

      How is that last spoonful that has one piece of cereal left any different than drinking the remainder in the bowl. The milk is not cold if you eat the cereal fast enough, as I do.

      Makes me think, would someone buy an insulated bowl, so your hand does not warm the milk up as much? Now if there was a way to get it to keep from getting soggier.

      Does anyone else ever add a small bit of cereal eat that then add more and repeat so as to keep it crunchy?

  16. eber Says:

    what godless heathen doesn’t drink the milk at the bottom of the bowl?

    other than Lin.

    and murchball’s kids.

    sorry lin.

    sorry murchball.

    sorry murchball’s kids.

    power to the cereal bowl bottom feeders that appear to be dug’s entire audience.

    except lin.

    and murchball’s kids.

  17. Steve Says:

    what is to appologize for? I always drink it. And try to train my kids to do likewise.

    I had an uncle visit once who poured a bowl of cereal, put milk on it, and then asked me:“Where do I pour the milk out?”

    Me: “Huh? Uuumm, in the sink, I guess.” I was stunned.

    And he did. He went through some elaborate routine using a second bowl, and dumped ALL the milk, save that clinging to the flakes, down the drain.

    I was gob-smacked.

    • dug Says:

      wait, i had to read that like 3 times to understand–he pours the milk ON, then drains the milk OFF, and THEN he eats the cereal?

      he’s not your uncle. he’s your CRAZY uncle. keep him away from the kids.

  18. KanyonKris Says:

    I’m surprised that children of a cereal-milk drinker don’t also partake (dug and murchball).

    I can understand if the kids never saw the behavior. If both parents dump the milk, the kids would just following suit.

    But they’ve seen it done. Haven’t they tried it? And they didn’t like it? They like milk and cereal, or they wouldn’t be eating it, so why not the cereal sweetened and flavored milk?

    Maybe it’s genetic and sometimes skips a generation.

    I had Fruity Cheerios milk this morning. A subtle flavor with the full bouquet of fruit and a hearty oat finish. Cereal-milk is my fine wine.

  19. VA Biker Says:

    If you had powdered milk when you were a kid (I recall dug’s post on that), then the milk-leavin’s when using modern-day cow’s milk is awesome! Doesn’t matter what cereal it is.

    Funny, I’ve always drunk the milk out of the bowl straight, though if in a fancy-pants setting, I will spoon it out with all the patience I can possibly muster (takes too dang long).

    I’m training my kid to drink out straight; she prefers to spoon it out. I think it’s a kid form of civil disobedience, as I’m always there to watch her do it.

  20. Rick S Says:

    Did you know that chocolate milk is made from the “blood milk”?

    Stay away from that stuff.

  21. forgingahead Says:

    can we judge you for eating captain crunch?

    • dug Says:

      only if you judge me as AWESOME.

      • MOCougFan Says:

        Had to Yell at my 12 year old yesterday for eating all the berry’s out of the cap’n crunch. She just smiled and giggled. Dang daughters.

      • stevenbpt Says:

        You’re AWESOME but still not a 10!! Still haven’t figure out how to make things link up.

      • How do eat Cap’n Crunch without it tearing up the roof of your mouth? I had to give that stuff up…

        • stevenbpt Says:

          I have the same problem!! You must have to eat enough to get your mouth toughened up. We don’t get it often enough for to do that.

        • dug Says:

          you’re old school. they’ve changed the formula, so they’re softer now. no mouth tearing at all. you can squash them between your tongue and the roof of your mouth now, like you used to be able to do with Quisp.

  22. stevenbpt Says:

    Dang!! put that in the wrong spot. Looks like a can’t figure out where to put my reply’s either.

  23. Cree Says:

    some cereal maybe not but man crunch and berries, damn that’s a no thinker

  24. Big Boned Says:

    Mmmmm…Banana Bread.

  25. Rob (Dug's brother) Says:

    I just noticed Dug’s hairline…. I know where MY hairline is at, and it seems like not only do Dug and I sound alike, but….

    • dug Says:

      rob(bie), you are ONE more little brother comment away from being banned.

      • Rob (Dug's brother) Says:

        I was sure that you’d be DELIGHTED at the discovery. I mean, normally, the old person is the FIRST to lose their hair. I figured you’d be really excited about rubbing in how the old fart has retained his hair ALL this time, while the young and dashing little brother was the first (of the two. sorry Steve, you’re still screwed) to lose his.

        [sigh] try to cheer someone up and look what it get’s you. [sigh]

        • dug Says:

          that’s IT, you are OUGHTA here.

          • stevenbpt Says:

            Rob, why I oughta, or wait is that outta? Dug has me confused. All that hair he’s got must be soaking into his brain. Wait, he doesn’t have that much left. There must be another explanation. I thought Dave was the old fart? Oh, wait, he must be referring to you Dug, since you are a bit older than him. I’m just screwed. What do you think caused Rob’s early hair loss? Bummer to lose it that early in life.

  26. Daniel Says:

    I have to admit that Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk is my favorite. It tastes like Horchata. Mmmm.

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