June 25, 2009

Using our super nice bathroom facilities the other day, I noticed something floating in the urinal. Not a cigarette butt, not gum, not a fly.

A button.

toilet button 1

Someone was in a hurry, and got a little rough.

I like to think of him running like that lawyer guy in Jurassic Park, when he runs from the Explorer to the outhouse. I mean, like Ian Malcom says, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Damn the T-Rex, full speed ahead.


11 Responses to “emergency!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I can almost make out your reflection in the water.

  2. Steve Says:

    Had a similar experience in the Denver airport. Zipper broke. I couldn’t find one pair of shorts or pants that would fit in any shop. the Harley shop was just way too expensive and I don’t own a Harley. I had to settle for a xxl T-shirt that went down low enough for the Colorado Avalanche. I don’t watch hockey either but this way no one was trying to figure out why I had my fly down and how to get me to notice it.

  3. bikemike Says:

    right you are Steve, not as bad as a zipper breaking and not being able to get it down…or back up.
    definately hope it happens at the end of the day, if it happens early, your stress factor for the rest of the day is huge. people that wear t-shirts that just barely fit are setting themselves up for a huge fail.

  4. Rob Says:

    Don’t you mean Ion Malcom?

  5. skimoab Says:

    I bought a brand new Spyder ski jacket a couple of years ago. Not only did I pay a ridiculous amount for it, but the first time I wore it I got to a urinal, unzipped it, then pulled open the powder skirt and one of the snaps popped right off and dove straight into the water and down the pipe, out of sight. I didn’t even get the chance to debate whether or not to retrieve it.

  6. forgingahead Says:

    Now that just made me laugh. Thanks for that.

  7. Lin Says:

    Given your past descriptions of the state of your work facilities, I’d just leave the dang button in the urinal too. A well-placed safety pin can do wonders. Assuming it’s not from button-fly jeans.

  8. I just have to share this. Heaven knows why. I was attending a conference which was being held in a hotel, and was staying in a room just upstairs from the meeting. On a break, I decided to use my own bathroom instead of the one by the meeting room. I grabbed my room key (flat plastic kind) and dashed upstairs. Opened the door, put the key in my pocket, used the bathroom. Upon pulling my pants back on, watched the key flip and tumble acrobatically into the toilet. Lovely. I weighed my options (fish it out, try to flush it, collapse on the floor weeping) and decided I needed to fish it out. At least I hadn’t opted to use the public restroom…

    • mark Says:

      No, you didn’t have to share this. In fact, this is one of those things that you take to your grave. At least I would.

      Now if it happened to someone else (or you at least told the story as if it did), then it would be funny, and you should tell it frequently. But make sure and mention debris if it happened to someone else. And the need to change clothes after.

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