Flaming Flaming Gorge

July 8, 2009

image I often play the fool in this blog, but in my heart I know that I have a beautiful soul. I say this because I — while reposing in the quiet afternoon ‘neath a tree — recently considered the majesty of the environ that surrounds me at Flaming Gorge.

The water! The geological formations! The dam!

Yes, even the dam!

Thus inspired, I have composed this poem, which I call “Flaming Flaming Gorge.”

I hope you like it.

Flaming Flaming Gorge
And so this week I went to Flaming Gorge
Wherein mine eyes did spot a thing most fair
Her name — Nature — with flowing golden hair
Did cause mine eyes to water and throat engorge

Oh my! The wondrous locale left me in awe
The turquoise lake and deep brown chasm
Set my insides aflutter in twists of spasm
My erstwhile frozen heart set forth to thaw

Warm winds did blow a lot from west to east
Do I allow myself right now to unroll
And help to crack somewhat my hardened soul
Awakening most strong my inner beast?

I did not know what hidd’n bounties slept
Nature touched me, I touched myself, and wept.

19 Responses to “Flaming Flaming Gorge”

  1. evilreview Says:

    Thank you. That was elegant, heart-felt, and understated. You really do have the soul of a poet.

  2. mark Says:

    Mr. Obama called. He wants you to be the new poet laureate. But alas, your iphone is at the bottom of the lake, and things like this can’t wait, so he moved on to someone else. Less deserving.

  3. bradk Says:

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  4. coward Says:

    I touched myself?

  5. LT Says:

    I want my money back, what happened to the funnies?

  6. savvymama Says:

    Heartfelt, soulful poetry! I loved the majesty
    of Flaming Gorge, but I couldn’t do it justice
    like you did! Awesome!

  7. Jonnie Says:

    Erstwhile is my new favorite word. And I promise to use it at least 10 times the next time we hang out. But no more talk of touching yourself or I will have to place an anonymous call to your preacher.

  8. Eber Says:

    was anyone hucking rotten tomatoes at you ‘neath that tree?

  9. ricky Says:

    flu bug?

  10. bikemike Says:

    There once was a girl from Flaming Gorge…

  11. Bander Says:

    Thanks for reminding me why I don’t like poetry. Throat engorge? Twists of spasm? Too funny.

  12. fremont mikej Says:

    I liked that it was “uncategorized”. We should vote for what category it should be under.

    Hmmm…Gayness? Pussiness? No I think this is a WTF!

  13. Adventure Nell Says:

    I’m with bikemike, file under “buttercup”

  14. db Says:

    I’ve read your poem a few times now and it is just hilarious. You are amazing. “buttercup”.

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