vacation from vacation

July 11, 2009

I have spent 10 of the last 12 days on a boat (on Flaming Gorge Reservoir AND Lake Powell, because one gigantic damned up ex-beautiful Grand Canyon-like gorge isn’t enough for one state, and I like to take advantage of the excesses of the Bureau of Reclamation in an excessive way).

You know those captains chairs they have on boats, the chairs nobody EVER actually sits in? Instead, you sit on the top of the chair back, so you can actually see something relevant, you know, stuff like where you’re going, or the fallen wakeboarder you’re trying to pick up (and not run over, even though modern props can chew through pretty much anything).

Well, after NOT sitting in the captains chair for ten of the last twelve days, but rather sitting up on the chair back, which is not really a chair, but rather a thin wedge of hard plastic, I have a bruise on my ass about half an inch wide and about ten inches long. Right across the business portion. And now I can’t sit in regular chairs.

Either way. I’m back. And I’m totally NOT changing my blog password because I love the stuff that magically appeared here in my absence. So, to my own private C. D. Bales, I thank you. Come back anytime.


6 Responses to “vacation from vacation”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    I’d take a sore butt for 10 days of boat time. I haven’t been on the water once this year, I need to address this ASAP.

    I’ve done that “sit on the top of the seat back” thing too, but thankful not long enough to bruise.

    I’ve noticed that some captain’s chairs have a flip up bolster for solving this very problem. These seats should be required on all boats.

    Welcome back (home / to your old self / whatever).

  2. bikemike Says:


  3. evilreview Says:

    Unless you were straddling the top of the captain’s chair, it seems like you’d have a bruise ten inches WIDE and half an inch LONG.

    but if you were straddling the captain’s chair, well, the bruise placement — while even more significant — is probably the least of your worries. the likelihood of photographs existing of you straddling the captain’s chair, on the other hand, should probably be up there up there on your list of worries.

  4. Jen Says:

    Go buy an inflatable donut … it was my best frined after having a baby and I think you’ll find it helpful too!

  5. stevenbp Says:

    Wow. who knows your password?? hmmm. So, any pics of the bruise forthcoming. And “…chew threw anything…” anybody else see something wrong there?

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