another bargain

August 19, 2009

Kim is getting a bit weary of the boy stuff. The regular boy stuff, like burping, farting, stinking, that kind of thing, she handles pretty well, considering there are three and a half of us in the house (Maddy is half boy, at least by that standard).

But the more deeply ingrained boy stuff, she’s getting tired of. You know. Like, where boys tend to keep their hands when all they’re wearing is their underwear. And thus they don’t have any pockets. And their hands, which don’t comfortably float in the air but rather need a comfortable resting place, tend to come to rest in the next best thing to pockets. Namely, the inside of the front of their underwear.

You can see how she might object.

So the other day she objected. To Ian, in particular, since he was the offender of the moment.

“Please,” she said. “Just stop it. Put your hands somewhere else.” (Though, really, WHERE? Floating?)

And Ian, showing his brilliant resemblance to the quick thinking deal makers of history, countered.

“Okay. I’ll make you a deal. I will stop resting my hands there if you and Dad never kiss in front of me again.”

Without even hesitating, Kim took that deal. Small price to pay I guess.

12 Responses to “another bargain”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    Has the no-kissing-boys-and-get-a-car deal taught you nothing? Deals are dangerous.

    Or are you counting on Ian to backslide?

    In your narrative I noticed you were not consulted before the deal was made and it affects you – Ouch!

    I guess your next family portrait won’t be in this style:

  2. Annie Says:

    Oh dear. I’m due to give birth to our first son in a week. I don’t know if this is something I can take.

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    Reminds me a of a story from a co-worker:

    In church he looks over and his son is digging at his crotch so he tells him to stop it. His son replies, not in a whisper, “but Dad, my penis hurts!”.

    Annie – perhaps this is not the forum for you. Confronted by all the boy issues up front may demoralize you. Ignorance is bliss. Better to go the usual Mom route of dealing with the boy stuff incrementally as your son grows. But make no mistake, you will be where Kim is one day.

    • Mike Weiland Says:

      That ain’t nothing, one time in church as I sat on my Dad’s lap I passed gas, loud enough for the congregation to hear. If that wasn’t bad enough I then proceed to say “Hey Dad take a big wiff”. It was at that point we changed churches. I now have 3 boys of own so I’m getting paid back 3 folds.

  4. That’s funny. And a little bit sad. But still funny.

  5. Come on Dug, there’s got to be some kind of movie reference you can make here isn’t there?

  6. Rick S. Says:

    I’m never letting Ian make me a sandwich.

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