leadville 09 pics

August 24, 2009

I know, I didn’t even race at Leadville this year. But I was there, and I do have a few super high quality pics from my handy iPhone.

Every year presents the same conundrum–to attend the crappy, overcrowded, sweltering pre-race meeting or not. The meeting always sucks, but it’s kind of like going to Lake Powell with a newbie–you have to make the trip to Rainbow Bridge. Some things just are. There’s always been a lottery.

So we went.

gym big

That picture doesn’t really clue you into the fact that, even at 10,200 feet, the temperature in the gym was hotter than the surface of the sun. Hotter in the balcony:

tony melting

Yes, that’s Tony, gradually becoming a puddle of sweat. Look how concerned we all are. He’s a couple of minutes from disappearing altogether.

Here’s our room in the Overlook Hotel. Forget Kenny here, and focus on the blocks under the bed.

kenny bed pic

Two two by fours. Only at THIS end of the bed. Because the entire hotel is gradually sinking to the left. Or the right, I guess, if you’re on the other side of the bed.

But it beats the crap out of this hotel. People actually stayed here. None of them were women. Not even that kind of women.


For some reason, these pictures just crack me up.


elden crotch


kenny crotch

I’m cracking up right now. Not sure why.

Speaking of crotch shots, here’s Mark Warner, explaining something. I came into the conversation late, so I don’t know what he was talking about. But I’m hoping it was erectile dysfunction.

mark erectile dysfunction

In the background, you can see the hotel listing to the right (or left).

After looking at this picture, I’m hoping that nobody gives me grief over looking at my phone ever again. Et Tu, Kenny?

elden kenny phones

Here are some race pics, as the lead group enters the Twin Lakes feed zone, mile 40ish.

No zoom on my camera (is there an app for that?), but trust me, they’re coming:

leaders two

Wiens in the lead.

leaders three

Check out the hair on that woman. Female Carrot Top or just windy?

leaders five

Wiens went straight to his crew, yelling “Get me the contingency bag!!”

The crew worked like an Indy 500 Pit Crew, and instead of tires, they put on these big oven mitt gloves:

wiens pits

I guess Wiens had read the weather report (hail and rain and wind up top).

And here’s my favorite pic of the weekend, Jonnie J., considerably less concerned about things. Just enjoying the moment with his three favorite things: bike racing, diet coke, and peeing.

jonnie pees


12 Responses to “leadville 09 pics”

  1. Brandon S. Says:

    I debated on changing wet gloves to dry ones, but figured they were getting dry and my hands probably looked like raisins anyway, so I bagged it. Nice pics from your phone.

  2. mtb w Says:

    Awesome/hilarious pics! Wiens has a good write up of the race on his blog (davidwiens.com) – including reference to that pit/mitten stop.

  3. Jonnie J Says:

    Duggy – Few things feel as good as pouring it in at the same time its coming out!

  4. KanyonKris Says:

    I knew I could count on you to show another side of Leadville. The sweat-puddle, sinking-room, crotch-shot, erectile-dysfunction, big-hair, peeing-while-drinking side. Excellent.

  5. mary Says:

    You are a strange and interesting man. Mostly strange.

  6. Mary’s right except I’d say mostly interesting.

    Great pics!

  7. Doug Says:

    That was awesome. Gives new meaning to in and out.

  8. rookieroadracer Says:

    Awesome pics. I’d love to do this race sometime. Of course, I’d need to take enough $ out of my motorcycle racing budget to fly out there and do it, which isn’t too likely. I’d also need to be able to ride 100 miles in 12 hours on a MTB. Never ridden that far off-road. Oh, and I live more or less at sea level, so I might need to wear an oxygen tank as well. Looks like a blast though!

  9. tp Says:


    Couldn’t you have photo shopped my eyes “wide open” ’cause that’s how I felt that weekend … wide eyed and anxious. On the other hand, maybe it was the heat in that gym that made me look comatose.

  10. […] a great trip with friends to Leadville, Colorado. But since I only have eight minutes, and since Dug gave me permission on his own blog, I’m going to resort to a photo-fest while it’s […]

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