nice one

August 28, 2009

Long ago, in a (fitness) galaxy far away, Elden, Brad, Bob, and Ricky and I set out to ride the Kokopelli Trail from Moab to Grand Junction, in a day. Of course, nowadays, people race that thing. In those days, we felt like pioneers.

Elden told me how he once used that whole experience to teach a bunch of youth about commitment, preparation, and execution, by talking about how we got ready for the ride (or not–Ricky didn’t really train for it, and didn’t come), survived the ride (or not–Bob lived at sea level, and had to bail at Dewey Bridge), survived the ride (I felt okay, but endured numerous mechanicals because I’m a bit slothful in the bike maintenance department), and finished the ride (Elden, Brad, and I rolled up to our car in the dark 140 miles and about 18 hours after starting, together and exhausted).

I don’t know why it sticks in my head (why does ANYTHING stick in my head? I dunno. Some stuff sticks, some doesn’t. Figure this out and you’ll make my home a happier place. Not that it isn’t happy right now–it’s very happy–I just mean you’ll make it even HAPPIER), but this reminds me of riding with Eber this Summer.

A bunch of Suncrest guys signed up for Leadville this year. I don’t think any of these guys had ever done 100 miles on a bike before, and most had a very happy ending. At the race I mean. Let’s just move on.

Can’t remember the date, but mid summer, a bunch of us went on a big Corner Canyon ride, heading up the Suncrest singletrack to Deer Ridge, down the new downhill run, down to the pool, over to the golf course, up, across the BST, more Corner Canyon, up Clarks, several hours, lots of riding.

As we finally crested the saddle, all but one of us turned right to get home, since we’d been out for hours. But Eber turned left, and headed for Jacobs, adding another big climb to his day, because he had Leadville to get ready for.

Eber, who less than a year earlier rolled into a deserted parking lot on the Glenwild Halloween night ride because everybody else had already left, finished Leadville in 10:27.

In large part, because he was willing to make that left turn to Jacobs. Nice one Eber. And nice one to the rest of the gang. And BB–I’ve seen the replay, and you was robbed.


9 Responses to “nice one”

  1. Rick S. Says:

    I agree that BB was robbed. Leadville this year felt more like a group ride in Draper. I think half of the city was there racing it.

  2. VH1 Says:

    Dug I think it was EB’s bike. Banks we need to get you a tshirt that says “no tp no problem, I have my hat”!

  3. evilbanks Says:

    I did it to myself on that course. I should have gotten to that final checkpoint a lot faster than I did. I allowed the timekeeper to decide my fate and that was a FATAL mistake. Either way, it was a great day that I won’t soon forget. At least I got to ride 75 miles with some great people……and hopefully I’ll be back to redeem myself next year.

    Eber was a damn animal throughout the training season–maybe even a faster time next year??????

    I’m bringing your tire by tonight—PROMISE.

  4. mark Says:

    Jacob’s is a representative sample. Eber’s 100 miles of nowhere route is another.

    Strong work.

  5. eber Says:

    i didn’t really ride jacob’s. i had stashed a box of powdered donettes behind a rock just around the bend and sat myself down for a spell.

    the real motivation was Sam calling me a pu$$y when i was belly-aching about not having enough time to ride. that was about a month before i embarrassed myself at glenwild.

    okay, the REAL motivation is chasing you guys all over hell and back this summer. i rode with some old friends this morning and at about mile 90 realized how much more fun i have riding with you all. its a really great group to be around. thanks for a great summer and an amazing weekend in leadville.

  6. Bob B. Says:

    I remember that miserable day. The problem for me wasn’t the altitude, although it was a factor. Since we were in a hurry to get going, we decided not to eat breakfast. And I didn’t bring any extra clothing, so I froze during an early descent. By the time we got to 7-mile canyon, I felt sick to my stomach and was slowing the group down so much that I was holding us all back. I actually felt fine after eating lunch at Dewey Bridge. The 35-mile ride back to Moab was easy.

    If I had eaten breakfast and brought warmer clothes, I probably would have been fine that day. I was in decent shape. If I’m not mistaken, that was 1999, and I did Leadville that year in under 11 hours.

    What happened to BB at Leadville? How was he robbed?

    • dug Says:

      “The problem for me wasn’t the altitude”

      yeah, sorry, you know our motto, suncrestdug, 80% accurate or your money back.

      BB was robbed because he suffered like a sick, vomity dog on columbine, but got himself back together and was charging the course, only to miss the cutoff at pipeline (fish hatchery) by two minutes.

      now, it’s okay to be hard core about your cutoff times–leadville has a reputation for famous cutoff times. but this year, leadville surreptitiously accounted for how long it took the starters at the back of the pack to cross the start line (two minutes they said), and let people finishing in 9:02 get the big buckle, and those crossing in 12:02 get the small one. (this presents a host of validity issues surrounding the emotion at the finish line for those finish times, btw. i’m feeling a little robbed myself).

      but they DIDN’T adjust the aid station cutoffs by the same two minutes. BB would have made the finish, but was robbed at pipeline. he should have just kept riding, yelling over his shoulder “i no speaka da engrish.”

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