was that funny?

September 8, 2009

Remember that Seinfeld episode when Jerry wakes up in the middle of the night laughing and writes the joke down on the paper he keeps next to his bed for just such occasions? But the next day, he can’t remember why what he wrote down was funny.

Well, two things. First, what did he write down? I can’t remember, and I really wanted to remember for this post. I HATE that I can’t remember the key piece of a joke about not remembering.

And second, I did that. I keep a note on my iPhone with ideas for blog posts. Like when I walked into my mom’s house and saw my brother cutting onions while wearing goggles, I wrote “onion goggles” in my blog note. Next to another note that says “hugs i love you.” You’ll just have to wait for that one. And an old one that just says “wtf.” I guess that’s a category.

But right below those notes, is this one:

Butterfinger vs Quarter

What the hell does THAT mean? And why would I possibly find it funny. And more importantly, why would YOU find it funny?

I mean, I love Butterfingers. They’re my second favorite candy bar. I love the way they stick in my teeth. I love em in milkshakes. They’re awesome. But what do they have to do with quarters? And what connection with quarters would possibly make Butterfingers funny? Or, conversely, what connection with Butterfingers would make quarters funny? I’m at a loss. Is it a cage match between Butterfingers and quarters?

I’ve had that in the notes for months, and I have no idea where it came from. I’m beginning to suspect Kim of getting at my phone at night and typing cryptic things in the blog ideas note to mess with my head.

Maybe that’s what happened to Jerry.


14 Responses to “was that funny?”

  1. mark Says:

    Yet you still managed to turn it into a post. The cryptic note worked after all.

  2. bikemike Says:

    quarter pounder w/cheese?

    • stevenbpt Says:

      that’s what I was thinking. Or, butterfinger vs. save that quarter(or 4) for something else. Is there another candy with quarter in it? 1/4 hour to eat a butterfinger?

    • Geoff Says:

      Do they have the same caloric content? I think you could be onto something here…

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    Jerry couldn’t read what he wrote and kept asking people to try and read it. But, obviously, he couldn’t remember the funny thing either so it’s still a good reference.


    Now the real question is: do you delete the inscrutable note or keep it in hopes some day you’ll remember why you wrote it?

  4. stevenbpt Says:

    get rid of the note. the moment is past and if you remember it will because of something else anyway. That way Kim can put something else in there.

  5. VaLene Says:

    Hmm. Do you think it has to do with toilets or bathrooms?

  6. linfin Says:

    Is there a candy with the word quarter in the name? Maybe you wanted to do a taste comparison?

  7. Joel Says:

    You don’t need much more than just the name “Butterfinger.” After all, it is the name of a candy bar that combines the words “Butt” and “Finger,” or almost as good and perhaps related “Butter” and “Finger.” The fact that it is absolutely delicious, particularly in a milkshake (where it really fulfills the measure of its creation), just makes it that much better.

  8. tohellandback1st Says:

    urban dictionary…

    • Joel Says:

      Okay, don’t look it up on urban dictionary if you are easily offended, want to continue enjoying butterfingers, or are under the age of 17. For the record, I hadn’t looked it up prior to my post. All I have to say is “Ewww!” Dug, please don’t give out my email address to strange men looking for a . . .

  9. tohellandback1st Says:

    sorry, Joel, my bad. dug, maybe this qualifies as one of those editor’s moments? i’d hate for anyone to give up the candy because of my errant google search trying to coming up with a connection between quarters and the candy. see, i can’t even type it anymore…

  10. Bethany Says:

    Maybe you’re thinkng of the wrong kind of butterfingers? Instead of the delicious candy with crunchy peanutbuttery goodness, are you clumsy? Do you tend to drop loose change often (in this case quarters) and then have difficulty picking said change back up again because your fingers are stubby and your nails are too short to get any kind of leverage so instead you just end up pushing the change around until an edge settles into a hollow on the floor and upends itself just enough to squeek a finger under? No? It’s just me then?

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