this schadenfreude goes out to someone very special

October 2, 2009

Sometimes you gotta throw the people a bone. This bone’s for you, Shelle.

Last night I went to the Jazz preseason basketball game downtown. Met up with 3 of my brothers, one of whom has some season tickets in the lower bowl. Nice, right?

We’re just sitting there, minding our own business, watching the action on the court during a timeout, noticing the scoreboard where they are encouraging us to cheer for the employees of some credit union (I didn’t cheer).

And I’m suddenly struck on the head by a frisbee. Thrown from the upper bowl. One second I’m just talking to Rob, and the next I’m almost passing out, dizzy from the impact of a meteor.

The frisbee bounces off of my head, glances off Rob’s shoulder, and ricochets into the row behind us.

The guy behind Rob, with his front row seat to the whole incident, picks up the frisbee, shows his friend, and sticks it inside his jacket.

Not that I want a crappy credit union frisbee. But it would be SOME compensation, right? I could at least hurl it back.

My favorite part is when Rob tells Dave that he was hit with a frisbee. No mention of my head. I know this because later, when I tell Dave that my head still hurts, he says “Oh, did the frisbee hit you too?”


8 Responses to “this schadenfreude goes out to someone very special”

  1. mark Says:

    Why can’t you just accept that it was your fault you were hit in the back of the head with a frisbee? After all, you were the one not paying attention. Sheesh.

  2. bikemike Says:

    the world is, indeed, upside down.

  3. KanyonKris Says:

    Thanks to the title I read that whole post in a Casey Kasem voice. In my head, of course.

  4. Shelle Says:

    I knew it! I started laughing as soon as I read the title. Thanks for thinking of me. Did it leave a mark?

    • Rob (dug's brother) Says:

      It didn’t, but I offered to take a picture of “it” with his camera anyway.

      Looked kinda like the proverbial bee sting on his leg.

  5. Rob (dug's brother) Says:

    You know, don’t remember ever telling Dave that I got hit by a frisbee. Maybe I was wounded much worse then we originally thought. Ohhh. I’m startingto feel a little woozy…

  6. stevenbpt Says:

    oh, you told him alright. I could have sworn I set Dave straight Dug. Hmm. Gonna have to ask security if they have any audio of that one. The guy kept the frisbee even after we said kinda loud like that you deserved the offending frisbee for your injury. Maybe it wasn’t the frisbee but the hybrid hummingkillerbee that hit you in the head? Rob, you feel woozy all the time!

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