bad boo II: this time it’s personal

October 28, 2009

As the Godfather once told the undertaker down the street, “Bonasera, Bonasera, what have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?”

I got Boo’d last night. Well, that’s not exactly true. I got poo-poo platter’d last night.

Think of the children!

boo ian

Remember Boo’ing? You make some yummy treats, you leave them on someone’s doorstep along with a Boo Sheet the recipient can put in the window so people don’t Boo them again, and then the receiver Boo’s two other people.

Kind of like a multi-level Halloween network. But in a good way.

Except when you get Boo’d with the Poo Poo Platter. Someone’s trying to get a rise out of me. Kim insists I shouldn’t write this post, that I’m being mean. I say ME? I’M being mean? I’m not the one passing out the $1.79 crap sandwich. Someone is trying to get me in their Boo’ing downline. Well, I will NOT go gently into your stupid downline.

Here’s the Boo paper (slightly modified):

boo sheet

A blown Boo on so many levels.

My initial reaction:

boo snow

But then I decided on a more fitting fate for these frosted pumpkins:

boo chair

And that’s where they’ll stay all Winter. Unless I get peckish in the night. Which has been known to happen.

42 Responses to “bad boo II: this time it’s personal”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    No need to apologize for taking a stand against crap.

    I despise those pyramid treat schemes. If one shows up at our house the boo paper goes in the garbage (and the treat gets eaten, unless it’s crap then it goes in the garbage too). We’re performing a valuable service – we’re like the control rods in a nuclear reactor. If not for party-poopers, er, free-loaders, er, heroes of conscience like us there’d be a mushroom cloud of obesity over Utah (and, evidently, a shortage of Little Debbie products).

    Hey, boo fans, how about you just give your neighbor a nice treat when you feel like it with no strings attached.

    dug, I salute you!

  2. Lisa C. Says:

    While I too despise the idea of pyramid scheme candy too, how do you know that this wasn’t from someone with small children who take it seriously? How do you know that those crappy treats aren’t [i]their[/i] favorite fall treat, and they think they’re doing something awesome and fun for a neighbor?

    Not trying to bust on you, but take it with a grain of salt, dude. Kim is right.

    • dug Says:

      lisa, kim is ALWAYS right.

      and while i agree, i should be a nicer person, i should lighten up, i should unwind a little, unclench . . . i should do a lot of things.

      but a crap sandwich is a crap sandwich. maybe those kids DO take it seriously. their parents should educate them. “yes billy, i KNOW you love the crap sandwich. so i’ll buy YOU a box of them. but lets give the neighbors something else.”

      and, um. i’ll lighten up if you will.

  3. kim Says:

    you are mean. your other son loves those treats. can someone please fess up so i don’t have to worry about which neighbor dug has now offended?

  4. bikemike Says:

    the new band name for the day, “The Boo Sheets”.

  5. Eufemiano Fuentes Says:

    The Boo Sheet says ‘make’.

    End of story.

    You are therefore justified in your contempt of the anonymous malefactor.

  6. AFRIDER Says:

    Dug, I have been a blog stalker so far but since we just experienced the boo phenomenom and received acceptable store bought treats, I thought I’d share. Do you really want to get a homemade treat from some unknown person with unknown personal hygiene and cleaning habits???? Sometimes penicillin isn’t strong enough!! Also, glad to know that you admit your wife is always right. You can be taught!
    Thanks for the laughs.

  7. Rose Says:

    Is it a crappy Boo if someone (not naming names) used that refrigerated cookie dough you get at the store – does that count as making something if you have to turn on the oven and bake them? – and then sweetened up the package with some candy from last year’s Halloween (not the hard tootsie rolls, but some leftover Smarties and such)? Hmmm, I just think I answered my own question.

    And, at first I thought that foot kicking the ghost was a big turd coming out of his ass. Since you were speaking of crap and all.

  8. Doug Says:

    Now I know where I am going to drop off my next multi level crap candy boo sheet. Suncrest here I come.

  9. We got boo’d a couple of weeks ago but it came in a fancy homemade felt container with peanut butter cups. You must have some lame neighbors. I still don’t like it when we are expected to then take part of the pyramid scheme though.

  10. Dug Says:

    Admit it. Lil Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls Would have gotten a different response.

    • bikemike Says:

      when the sugar granuals are big enough to crunch when you bite into, then you’ve got sugary goodness. debbie does it with the swiss rolls. plus, they are swiss, so, you know the chocolate is the real deal.

      ha, that was funny, wasn’t it?

  11. Rob Says:

    Um…sorry – that last post was from me. I don’t know why I typed Dug…

  12. psychorider Says:

    Nice. Don’t hang up your boo sheet and one of the other neighbors will boo you again with something nice. Unless they read your blog. Our neighborhood stopped booing a few years ago due to apparent lack of interest, or at least they stopped booing us.

    Reminds me of skibikejunkies Grape soda adventure last holiday season and the neighbor’s response.

  13. Jonnie J Says:

    Dug – I’m really sorry you didn’t like the treat I dropped by last night. I would have made something and all but with my entire family coming down with the Swine Flu I figured you wouldn’t want anything from my contaminated house. My family has really enjoyed these little treates for years. Its part of the reason we love Halloween…Little Debbie only releases those limited edition snack cakes seasonally. But don’t worry about offending me, you already did that when I gave you a friendly pat on the shoulder a couple years ago and you told me never to touch you again.

    • dug Says:

      you know, it’s like a terrorist act in the middle east or something–like 5 different organizations, from the black panthers to baader meinhof to al qaeda call in to claim it.

      which are you?

  14. evilbanks Says:

    This post is funny because I can imagine Kim’s protests to you actually writing about this “bad boo” and putting it up on the internets for all to see. I love it. Love it, I tell ya.

  15. Nate Kingdon Says:

    I agree, funny stuff! I got boo poo’d last year and I was also ticked. So far this year we have avoided the pyramid.

  16. anon Says:

    Leave the crap sandwich on the porch. I’ll be by to get it.

  17. jdub Says:

    We got boo’d yesterday too, only with some homemade chocolate chip cookies. Would offer to trade you a few to help the mood in the house, but we ate them all within just a few minutes because they were so tasty.

  18. JB Says:

    Next year make yourself a batch of your yummy chocoate chip cookies and put the boo sign up yourself on October 1st. Then you don’t have to think about it again and you’ll like the treat.

  19. JB Says:

    P.S. What’s wrong with Circus Peanuts? Kim opened a whole new world to me and got me hooked!

  20. stevenbpt Says:

    I’m with you Kim. Dug, just re-boo with the cakes, keep your sign down maybe you can upgrade. With any luck you re-boo the people who gave you the cakes and you never get them again. Unless they have a darker side to their sense of humor. Then you will see them year after year after year…

  21. stevenbpt Says:

    better come to our neighborhood. Even with the boo sheet up we have been boo’d 3 times. Oreo halloween cookies, homemade chocolate chip cookies and then homemade sugar cookies with orange frosting. There might be some left if you come over soon.

  22. lifein360 Says:

    SNOW!!! *running in circles screaming* Oh candy! MMMM

  23. linfin Says:

    I guess I’m jaded and to much of a worrier, but there’s no way I’d eat homemade anything that mysteriously and anonymously showed up on my front porch. You guys in Utah are so trusting.

    • dug Says:

      i’m not terribly worried that someone is trying to poison me. more probably they’re trying to make me eat crappy treats.

      are you trying to tell me something?

      • linfin Says:

        I’d sniff anything you get that looks like chocolate and see if it smells like Ex-Lax. Seeing as how everyone thinks you’re so mean.

  24. Michele Says:

    Is it “rant week” here too?

  25. savvymama Says:

    I’ll leave the treats in the snow, but I think I’ll
    come get my blue chair! I wondered where that went?

  26. VA Biker Says:

    I’m just glad this “Boo’ing” business has not made it to the eastern US. It’s like some type of recurrent regional plague.

  27. MrsTeamPhillips Says:

    I was going to write exactly what VA Biker just wrote. Thank goodness we live in the East, where we pretend we don’t know our neighbors. I would want some kind of signed affidavit to eat homemade treats from a stranger.

  28. Francy Says:

    Hahaha.. I sure do miss the Andersons… the boot in the ghost’s butt will keep a smile on my face throughout the season…

  29. bob Says:

    What the hell is with Utah and this and other strange Halloween rituals????

    I typed that? Oops.

    If they did this in my neighborhood I’d be just as likely to get some Crystal Meth as hash brownies.

    Wait, maybe this is a good idea….

  30. eric Says:

    I think it was Santa Claus warming you up for a Christmas gift of the bituminous variety.

  31. […] Dug I know you are seeing those Cosmic Brownies and think you have found your culprit.  I'm innocent.  Boo'ing is an impossible task for me…I consume the treats long before they […]

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