cold butter must go

November 30, 2009

So I have a question.

Why do restaurants serve cold butter? What is cold butter good for? Other than flinging onto the ceiling?

Okay, I guess that’s three questions, technically.

I mean, I can see that getting warm butter out of those little butter packets would be a little slimier. But isn’t working with slimy butter better than trying to smear cold butter onto a roll? And let’s say we’re talking fancy restaurant here, where they would never give you butter in a little packet–why are those little butter balls cold? I don’t have time to wait for the butter to thaw. My REAL food is coming soon, and I need to get these rolls eaten NOW.

I’m telling you. No cold butter. Cold butter must go.


11 Responses to “cold butter must go”

  1. bikemike Says:


  2. chtrich Says:


  3. KanyonKris Says:

    You are not alone.

    Are restaurants really required to keep dairy products cold? If so, I agree they should be able to warm before serving, so why not bring out warm butter with the bread?

    One person sits on the butter to warm it up. Okay then.

    We keep butter on the counter and have never had it go bad. Perhaps this wouldn’t work in more humid climates?

    I like olive oil dips for bread.

  4. tohellandback1st Says:

    Mom once told me that you are supposed to take some of the cold butter, put it on your plate, and then, with each bite of roll/bread, you pick up your butter knife and cut a little piece of butter to go with that bite…or maybe that’s just what she said she did in that situation. either way, bread tastes better with cold butter…at least that’s what i remember from when i could eat butter.

  5. CB Says:

    Maybe you could start smuggling in the “butter-like” substance found in packets at KFC. They always seem to be in liquid form.
    Did I just admit to eating at KFC? I think I did.

  6. g Says:

    There is nothing like cold butter on a fabulous, crusty sourdough roll. Ahh…you’ve got me salivating. Warm butter would soak in instead of sitting atop, butter’s rightful place.

  7. Bandit Says:

    You are thinking like a consumer. The answer comes from thinking like a provider – it’s easier to handle (store, serve, etc.) if its cold. It’s not about you, its about them.

    • dug Says:

      sure it’s easier to handle. so is cold food. if that’s the model they might as well serve lynn wilson burritos.

      maybe they do.

  8. mutuelle Says:

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