it’s not that hard

December 9, 2009

I was in Sunday School a while back, and while I don’t pay attention to much, Sunday School included, this perked me right up.

We were talking (and by we, I mean everybody else, I was paying more attention to whatever was on my Kindle at the time) about genealogy and what people call “The Spirit of Elijah” which means, I guess, whatever makes people even WANT to do genealogy. A spirit I don’t have, by the way. So clearly I’m no expert.

Anyway. Someone announced that they knew someone who had traced their ancestry all the way back to Adam. Seriously. To ADAM.

Now, let’s leave aside all the obvious stuff. Let’s not talk about the historicity of the Bible, or the obviously symbolic and remarkably symmetric genealogy listed in Mathew and Luke, or even whether Adam was an actual person or whether there was death before the Fall.

Forget all that.

Let’s just focus on the idea that before about 150 years ago, record keeping wasn’t exactly, shall we say, stellar. Let’s just say that tying your “line” into royalty is about as reliable as using records from some blogger posting his family tree on the Internet.

Let’s just say that the idea of actually tracing your family tree to “Adam” is about as fun as the idea of God playing cards with the Devil for a man’s soul. It’s a terrific story.

But,  back to my point in saying all this.

Because the punch line is this: Three others in the room immediately offered that they, too, had traced their family tree back to Adam.

One even shrugged and said “It’s not that hard.”


21 Responses to “it’s not that hard”

  1. Jason Says:

    I was present as well, i was the guy in the back who manufactured a few coughs when that came up, despite feeling just fine.

  2. mark Says:

    I’ve heard such rumors before. Maybe you need to be especially royal to have such an achievement. I’m more of a peasant-type.

    • mark Says:

      As much as I’d like to take credit for this, it was Rachel commenting as me. I’m whatever comes below peasants.

      Besides, I used nuclear physics to atomically trace my lineage all the way to the Big Bang. You can read about it in next month’s Meridian Magazine.

      • Doug Says:

        That would make you a serf.. I only know this because I am sure that is where I come from. Serf: a person in a condition of servitude, required to render services to a lord, commonly attached to the lord’s land and transferred with it from one owner to another.

  3. Julianne Says:

    Well, then obviously you’re not trying hard enough.

  4. rabidrunner Says:

    Why not Eve, huh? Why wasn’t anyone traced back to Eve? She deserves all the credit you know. Being the first, to you know… take a bite. (Those types of conversations make me happy I spend my Sundays with the little people who color and sing songs.)

    One of the times that I made it to Sunday School, the teacher gave the front ‘n center to a guy pushing his MLM health-promoting product. He honestly stood up and gave his Silver something-or-other marketing schpill. So my smart-a Spouse raises his hands and says, “Can I get a Sham-Wow with that.”

  5. bikemike Says:

    “historicity”, holy crap, i gotta figure out how to work that word into a conversation at the bike shop tomorrow.

  6. Bander Says:

    Many of the folks I go to church with believe that they are literal descendants of the house of Israel, which is just too silly to even argue with.

  7. keith payne Says:

    Apparently I’m missing out on some of the unique slices of Utah County life. My congregation, who I deemed to be as normal as any other in the vicinity, is apparently quite drab. Or perhaps they are just more socially astute and don’t step over the those lines of doctrine exaggeration, speculation or business promotion when we meet. While such instances could provide moments of humor and/or internal agony perhaps its really a blessing and I shouldn’t envy Dug’s unique situation.

  8. evilbanks Says:

    Next time somebody says that bullshit, I’m going to trump them and tell the story about how I traced my roots back to Lucifer.

  9. mtb w Says:

    What, you can’t trace back to Adam? I can – he was my great grandfather. Everyone’s got an Adam in their family tree somewhere, right (though last names may differ)?

    Hmm, maybe the fact that all the people that say they were related to Adam means they are related to each other too. Maybe THAT’S the real problem!

  10. Jen Says:

    And what did you say? I’ve been in classes with you and the dug I know wouldn’t be able to sit there in silence.

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