imagine my relief

December 29, 2009

I think I’ve mentioned that I live at Suncrest. And I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve mentioned that I live at Suncrest. But I’ve only got so many clever openings, sometimes I have to make do.

Suncrest is awesome. It’s kind of like a high class township. Like District 9.


Suncrest, as I think I’ve mentioned, sits at about 6,000 feet astride the ridge that divides Salt Lake County from Utah County. A 4 mile road drops down each side, north and south.

Our winters can be a bit harsher than the average winter for the average valley dweller.

I think that’s the last of the staccato descriptive sentences I’ll use for a while.

For example (an example of our winters, not of staccato sentences), this is a typical scene at my house during winter:

dug shoveling 2

I think it’s safe to say we Suncrestians know how to deal.

So how grateful were we when the city decided to put a fancy electronic sign at the bottom of our hill to “advise” us on road and snow conditions?

So grateful.

winter warning sign

Um. Thanks for the tip.

Seriously. We LIVE up there. We are the only people who live up there. Who do they think that “advisory” is for? It’s winter. It’s snowing. And, now we’ve got a big sign to remind us that the snow falling on our windshields is real.

Imagine my relief.


19 Responses to “imagine my relief”

  1. Olivia Says:

    As a fellow Suncrestian, I can attest that the snow is real. It’s not really winter that’s the problem. And you’re right. We really don’t need that sign.

  2. Janneke Says:

    That man under the sign, is he there all winter to draw your attention to it?? 😉
    We here in Holland (the Netherlands, not Michigan) get snow- and black ice warnings over the radio and everyone is quacking in their boots and then there is no snow or black ice… 1,5 weeks ago, when we díd have 20 cm’s of snow the whole country grinded to a halt…

  3. Road Rash Says:

    I will cut you slack most def. Although there are still places in the greater US that call in the National Guard when there is one inch of snow. To those people, I have no sympathy. We have snow and ice in October up here in Canada. Plus, today, at minus 30…well you can imagine how pleasant that is.

    BTW, that pic is hillarious.

  4. evilbanks Says:

    —-good shit man!

  5. Jeff Says:

    That’s like the signs we have around here that say “bridge ices before road” or “bridge may be icy.” I thought that was common sense!

  6. Nate Kingdon Says:

    That truly is hilarious. I can’t believe you got out and had someone take that picture! Although, that picture really pushes the post over the top for me.

  7. Eric Says:

    Do you have a bumper sticker on your car that says “CAUTION: This car makes frequent and random stops”?

    • dug Says:

      in this case, eric, i passed the sign, the lightbulb went off in my head, and i pulled a very dangerous u-turn, considering the life threatening snow conditions, and pulled another horrible u-turn to get into picture position.

      i don’t need a bumper sticker, i need a big electronic sign on my car. i wonder where i can get one of those things.

  8. Miles Archer Says:

    Is the box locked? Can you hack the sign. Wouldn’t it be cool for the sign to say something clever?

  9. KanyonKris Says:

    I used to think you Suncrestians stayed fit during the Winter with skiing and spinning. Now I now it’s snow shoveling.

    Lift with the legs!

  10. Bandit Says:

    Suncrest must be awesome like you say if you don’t have drivers that need to be told the obvious. Or drivers that don’t sue the local government for warning of them of the obvious. We have both here in Michigan (not the Netherlands).

  11. mtb w Says:

    “Suncrestians”? Now that’s a word.

  12. bikemike Says:

    merry new year. beef jerky time.

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