it’s a chicken and egg kind of thing

January 17, 2010

Let me start by pointing out that some of my best friends are handicapped.

Okay, I don’t mean I hang out with the cast of Murderball, I’m just sayin’. Like, my mom has a handicapped license plate (that is, not that the plate is handicapped–but it does indicate that the vehicle operator is impaired in some way). AND she has a handicapped hanger. Which can be incredibly useful, by the way, seeing as it’s portable and all that.

Now that I’ve established my “friend-of-the-handicapped street cred”, my bona fides if you will, here’s my question.

Are handicapped people bad drivers because they’re handicapped?

Or are handicapped drivers handicapped because they’re bad drivers?


18 Responses to “it’s a chicken and egg kind of thing”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    Did you just call your Mom a bad driver?

  2. The chicken or the egg?

  3. bikemike Says:

    handicapped or otherwise, bad drivers are bad drivers…and there’s plenty of them.

  4. stevenbpt Says:

    Hang em all!!! and no, our mom is not a good driver

  5. Jeff Says:

    Someone should do a study.

    As a rule, I try to leave one space between my car and the handicapped space.

    Now I feel like a jerk.

  6. dug Says:

    there seems to be some confusion. i’m not railing on bad drivers. i’m not railing on handicapped drivers (okay, maybe a little).

    what i’m asking is, are handicapped drivers handicapped BECAUSE they are bad drivers? or are handicapped drivers bad drivers BECAUSE they’re handicapped?

  7. bikemike Says:

    if you’re saying all handicapped drivers are bad drivers, then you may have something. i don’t think we can say that (although it may be true, i don’t know). SOME handicapped people’s handicap may contribute to them being bad drivers but then you have to wonder if they would be bad drivers without the handicap. how would you know? so, i’m guessing that (my) simple answer to the questions would be no and no. i could be wrong, though.

  8. KanyonKris Says:

    Can we talk about poop instead?

  9. stevenbpt Says:

    we aren’t used to getting a question that you actually expect us to answer in simple terms.

  10. Sam Says:

    an interesting question and not one that I have considered before. I would say that it depends on the handicap – I mean, I am deaf and think that I actually concentrate more because I KNOW that I may not necessarily hear the ambulance (or police for that matter!!) sirens if they come up behind me, so I am perhaps more sharp eyed than the average driver. But I can still have bad driver days (like everybody else!), but that may have more to do with me being a bit daft than deaf – ha ha ha!!

    • dug Says:

      But you don’t get a handicapped licence plate or sticker, so clearly you’re not part of the problem

      • Sam Says:

        that’s an interesting way of putting it – are they perceived as bad drivers because the licence plate or sticker? i.e. are the dodgy moves they make (like any other ordinary driver) attributed to their handicap because people can see that they have a sticker!? hmmmmm

        • dug Says:

          yup. generally don’t park next to a H car or drive by them.

          it’s like driving next to shrunken senior citizens in florida who can’t see over the steering wheel.

          at least when you’re deaf all your other senses are heightened. right?

          maybe I’ve seen too many movies.

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