pork rinds

January 18, 2010

I think I’ve made it clear I’m no fan of the Smith’s Marketplace. You know who I love.

But sometimes, you know, you’re on the wrong side of the tracks (mountain) already, and what are you gonna do, drive 10 miles over the hill just so you can go to your favorite grocery store? (My answer: absolutely. Kim’s answer: you go where we have coupons, mister.)

So I found myself stuck at what I like to call Shock & Awe.

pork rinds

The only other time I’ve ever, in my life, heard Pork Rinds called out as something someone might want to find or consume? When John Cusack offered Daphne Zuniga a fried pork rind in The Sure Thing.

Really? I spent like 10 minutes trying to find Craisins for a salad, then another 10 trying to find someone to help me find the Craisins. Turns out, Pork Rinds made the cut on the Chips aisle, but Raisins somehow seemed too lowly for the Shock & Awe people to put on a sign.

Pork Rinds. Aren’t those like pickled pig’s feet? Or cheese curds? You know. Novelty items. White elephant gifts.

Or, at the Shock & Awe, the special on aisle 5.


18 Responses to “pork rinds”

  1. stevenbpt Says:

    go back to Harmons! You are spoiled. Go Kim!!

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    My shocked and awed brain can only assume somebody thought it would be hip to put a few oddball items on the isle marques.

    Or do they figure customers who can’t find anything buy more?

    And why, for the love of all that’s good, did they go with pork rinds? Is there a more repulsive, antiquated snack?

    If you own any Krogers stock, sell, sell, SELL!

    (Dug, thanks for quickly moving onto a new, more socially comfortable post topic.)

  3. bikemike Says:

    how does pringles, a brand name, get its own listing on said isle? where’s lays or wise. there’s more here than meets the eye. my guess is to stay as far away from this place as humanly possible. if you watch the movie “The Thirteenth Floor”, you’ll know what i mean.

  4. Rick S. Says:

    It’s like a game of Family Feud. I’m with you…Pork Rinds? It even made the top spot.

  5. ricky Says:

    Heavy salty snack consumers up there in the tri-city area. Not to say the consumers are all heavy. This is a lesson in knowing your demo. The Aisle 5 sign at Smith’s in Provo, on the other hand, lists Jergens, Kleenex, Charmin, Brawny, US Magazine, and Bishops’ Phone Numbers. And, btw, what’s up with the word aisle?

    • dug Says:

      does that mean the consumers in provo are messy? and chapped hands i guess.

      i don’t like the word aisle. i keep thinking “the aisles of the sea.” aircraft carrier, aisle 5.

  6. brkeyes7 Says:

    FYI pork rinds are the bomb, bout time they was given some proper recognition.

  7. freedom Says:

    Dug, You’re funny, I always seem to at least crack a smile as well as often scratching my head.

    You want the truth?

    I come here for SKI PORN. Where is it?!

    As a northeaster I want deep backcountry shots and descriptions of trips….and I know you do too.

    I enjoy your humor, so give what you can until the snow blows your way, I understand, as the crust under my skis told me yesterday.

  8. Jeff Says:

    I am more disturbed that they specifically include “Pringles” on the marquee. Right under “Potato Chips.” Pringles ARE potato chips! (more or less).

  9. Jeff Says:

    Now that I think about it, that is an extremely specific marquee. Usually don’t they just say “chips”? This one lists varieties of chips. Is that so you don’t think that the chocolate variety is in that aisle?

  10. tibiker Says:

    I once saw them making pork rinds on “Dirtiest Jobs” or something. Trust me, you don’t want any part of those things.

  11. Rob Says:

    I think they had a “P” thing going on the sign…Why would they specify “Pringles” as it’s own category of chip? You would think “Doritos” would have it’s own name before “Pringles”

    Of course, it is this side of the tracks…

  12. Grizzly Adam Says:

    Awww. I was hoping for a picture of you doing the “fat boy pour” with a bag of pork rinds.

  13. stevenbpt Says:

    You once asked what I put in my cookies. Chocolate chips and a hint of pork rind! Now you know what makes them taste so good. Purchased at my convenient Smiths Marketplace. Bon Appetite.

  14. michele Says:

    I remember seeing this a while ago, your post brought it to mind.


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