the new normal

February 2, 2010

I’m pretty sure today is the 1,000 straight day the avalanche danger has been either Considerable or High, and maybe the 20th straight day of special avalanche warnings. Utah is now Colorado.

And so, the mellow, low angle tree shots of Mill D North are the new normal.

But it beats the hell out of heading to the basement and riding the Spin bike.


16 Responses to “the new normal”

  1. KanyonKris Says:

    I’d suggest you take that video to the Sundance Film Festival, but they’re not worthy. That may be your opus.

    Um, what were you looking for in Maddie’s clothes bin?

    Loved the beenie indecision. You could be a hand actor.

    Looks like fun, gents. Did I see Ian? Pretty sure I did.

    I only know 1-2 Metallica songs, but I’d bet the farm that was them covering “Turn The Page”. The voice is pretty distinct. (FWIW, I still like the Bob Seger original better, but must admit the Metallica version rocks.)

  2. mark Says:

    I thought it was good. If you make a DVD, I’ll buy it. No price is too high to see my skiing immortalized for 15 seconds. And when you consider the ass shot, well…

  3. Accident Prone Says:


    From one who has only been trapped in the confines of a ski resort, can I ask a silly question?

    Whatcha got in the packs?

    • dug Says:


      shovel. probe. snow saw. water. avalung. goggles and shell (on way up).

      that sort of thing.

      • Accident Prone Says:

        huh. Since I wouldn’t know what to do with half of those items it’s probably best I stick to the resort.

        Still jealous.

  4. Jonnie J Says:

    Dug – This is some of your finest work. On a seperate note you suck. And I suck even worse for not getting out of bed and joining you.

  5. nate kingdon Says:

    looks like a good time. sorry i missed it today. im game for next time!

  6. Daren Says:

    Thanks for making it out of bed this morning and making the video. Can you pick out the one teenager in our group? Yep, the one that doesn’t make any turns through the trees.

  7. Grizzly Adam Says:

    Well… it’s bumped out NOW.

  8. MOCougFan Says:

    One of my all time favorite songs. I listened to it this morning on my spin bike in the garage at 5am. Suck.

    Great video.

  9. evilbanks Says:

    Sweet vid man——-

  10. Scott H. Says:

    That seemed like a lot of ice. What amount of ice is right?

    • dug Says:

      now that, scott, is good encyclopedia brown work. it IS a lot of ice. too much under normal circumstances.

      but. I was about to go hike and ski for a couple hours. I needed some cold DC with lime before AND after. and since the cup would be sitting in a cold car it wouldn’t get too watery while it waited for me.

      but to answer your question, there is no general right amount–it’s alway situational. is it a Sonic cup? (those keep the DC colder longer and don’t need as much ice).

      is it big ice or the really nice small ice you see in the video? (the small ice is awesome but melts faster (unless you have an awesome sonic cup or your cup will be sitting in a very cold car for a couple hours)).

      it’s a lot to consider. but people like us, we are up to the job.

      • Scott H. Says:

        Definitely appreciated the well thought out reply. Ice and Diet Coke is a matter of no small importance in my family. We talk about it a lot. We have gone to Sonic just to buy ice for family gatherings. (Straws are also a big deal.)

        One Sunday my in-laws called to let us know about what they considered a miracle: While wearing their missionary name tags they were driving through McDonalds on the way to church. Turns out the cash registers were not working as they went to get their morning Diet Coke. The employee went ahead and gave them the Cokes for free since they were missionaries. It could have been Festivus II episode on Seinfeld. I am very happy to a part of this family.

        Lately, I have been bringing an extra can of Diet Coke to leave in the car while skiing and have found the temperature to be perfect on my return later in the day.

        I assumed you would know the answer if there was a correct one. While we are all confirmed Diet Coke aficionados in the family, there remains disagreement on the ice issue. Thank you for your reply.



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