magically delicious

February 8, 2010

A long, long time ago, I lived in Santiago, Chile, preaching the good word, though I brought no children home with me, and got in no trouble (to speak of).

One thing I did do was eat a lot of hot dogs and french fries purchased from any of an infinite number of street vendors. They called hot dogs “completos” and french fries were “papas fritas.” So now you know.

Anyway, the french fries were generally about as hot as molten lava. Or maybe the surface of the sun. Whichever is hotter. We often amused ourselves by throwing hot french fries to any of the infinite number of wild dogs that congregated around the hot dog stands hoping for a bite.

The french fries were generally so hot the dog would pick one up and instantly fling it five feet away because it melted his (or her) tongue. Of course, being a dog, he (or she) would run right over and pick up the fry again. Repeat until the fry was no longer hot enough to blast the enamel off the dog’s molars.

Hilarious, right? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hey, if YOU lived in Santiago preaching the good word, you would find any excuse to spend hours like this. Seriously.

So, last week I went to lunch with a couple of co-workers to the Original Pancake House in Sugarhouse. Of course, it’s not THE Original Pancake House–the original was below Vesuvius, and we all know what happened there. Okay, I may have made that up.

But it’s ONE of the Original Pancake Houses, and if you haven’t visited one, I can only say “visit one.” It’s that good.

Here’s the Dutch Baby Pancake:

dutch baby

Ben, who is still young enough not to care, ate that entire thing. Kudos.

This is the Apple pancake. It’s like the best apple fritter you’ve ever had, served hot:

apple baby

And by “hot” I mean, think of that scene in Iron Man when Raza wants Yinsen to open his mouth and eat a hot coal truffle. Trust me when I say, Yinsen would have suffered less eating that hot coal than popping the first bite of this Apple pancake.

Here’s Legrand, after or during violently shaking his head from side to side like those poor stray dogs in Chile:

legrand burning

Notice he’s halfway through his pancake. It’s still that hot.

But magically delicious.

9 Responses to “magically delicious”

  1. mark Says:

    Wait, how long have you lived here? And this is the first time you’ve been there?

    They opened AN original pancake house in Boise about six months before we moved. We went at least twice. But that’s just because I think the one in SLC is my dad’s favorite restaurant, so he’s taken us there a few times and we knew what to expect.

  2. chtrich Says:

    Whoa, those look good!

  3. Jeff Says:

    That must have been the dish everyone was waiting for. They keep everyone’s dishes under heat lamps (which do about as good a job at keeping food warm as holding it under your armpit – though give the choice I’d prefer the chef to use the heatlamps) until the last one comes off the griddle (or out of the oven, off the grill, out of the microwave, etc.) and that one is center-of-the-earth hot, while the others are nearly room temperature.

  4. bikemike Says:

    i think there needs to be pancake/waffle challenge.
    i don’t care what anyone says, i still like Waffle House, there, i said it. We must all have waffles forthwith. Actually fried chicken and waffles would be wondersome.

  5. KanyonKris Says:

    Dutch Baby? Who wants infant human imagery for food? I thought the Jelly Babies post established this.

    If temperature is a problem, good thing you didn’t have crepes rolled by Dominicans. (finding Seinfeld references since 1989)

  6. DB Says:

    I preached the good word in Concepcion. While I certainly enjoyed the completos and papas fritas, the empanadas de queso were my go-to fare from street vendors. Mmm, too good to waste on all the mangy dogs.

  7. Rob Says:

    Irish Omlette…I’m telling you.

  8. stevenbpt Says:

    what did you have? and did you manage to finish it? Just curious. Haven’t been to one in hears, IHOP is closer.

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