a little white pine love

February 11, 2010

Okay, I swear I am not a stalker or a member of the Paparazzi, but we got a nice new SLR camera for Christmas, and I took it skiing today (along with Rick), so I took a bunch of pictures. Not good ones, just pictures.

Two problems.

First, Rick is waaay faster than me, so all the pictures are of him seemingly trying to get away from me in a Princess Di kind of way.

And second, I put the zoom lens on the camera, thinking, you know, skiing, long distance, all that. Bad choice.

Here’s Rick in the parking lot, where you’d think I would have realized the zoom lens mistake right away:


I didn’t.

We climbed up the gut of Scotties, below the cliffs and up into No Name Bowl, to the ridge above Snowbird’s Gad Valley, and on up toward Red Baldy (ish), and the Columbine/Birthday Chutes area.

Kind of like Jared and Bart’s tour from last week, except without the extra side trips and supersonic speed. I think we even followed their skin track for a bunch of it. (And, seriously, could you have made it any steeper? Thanks guys. (I guess I’m not supposed to complain, since they’re the ones who laid the track, but since when has that kind of thing stopped me from complaining? Never, that’s when.))

Climbing Scotties:


The Gad ridge (and Rick trying to get me to stop taking pictures):


We were really just touring, since the snowpack is sketchy and it hasn’t snowed for real in like a year, but as we looked down Columbine on some Westish facing stuff, the snow wasn’t just nice, it was sweet. Sweeeeeet.

Rick, checking out the sweetness (and refusing to look at the camera).


After tasting the sweetness, we skinned back up to the ridge, and retraced to the top of No Name, where we dropped. Rick wouldn’t wait for me to get below him for a better picture. Type A.


In lower Scotties on the exit, I failed to check my speed properly, and managed to get one leg on each side of a small tree, which spun me around and flipped me over. The ONE time all day Rick was behind me, so he had a ringside seat. Fortunately he doesn’t carry a camera.

I’m not sure how you can rip up your shin on a tree THROUGH a ski boot, but the front of my right shin either has been attacked by termites, or the tree reached inside the boot and got me.

I took a picture of the wound, but since I was using a zoom, and since my shin looks a lot like Sam Worthington’s atrophied leg in Avatar, I’ll spare us both the upset stomach.

But with all that, this was my favorite route of the year so far. And despite people complaining about the Wasatch “crowds” and calling the tri-canyon area the Sheep Pen, we didn’t see a single other tourer in almost 4 hours. We did hear a helicopter or two. Or was I listening to Pink Floyd?

Anyway. I wanna go back tomorrow.


7 Responses to “a little white pine love”

  1. Rob Says:

    Would you wanna go back Friday?…

  2. Rob Says:

    Great pictures by the way…

  3. Rick S. Says:

    Thanks for the photo shoot. Next time I will pack a camera so I can play that game too.

    What a great day. Finding good snow this long after a storm AND getting fresh tracks.

    Thanks for being the tour guide.

  4. mark Says:

    I hate you.

    More than that, I hate the fact that I have to make a living rather than having a benefactor who pays me to go play in the mountains full time.

    Rob, let’s go Friday.

  5. KanyonKris Says:

    Looks like good times. Nice photos – my fav is the skin track, good composition.

    You’re sparing us the shin photo? I appreciate the consideration, but your shin can’t look worse than the bottom of the old work fridge.

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