ian gets up early (and likes it)

February 23, 2010

I like skiing. I like skiing even more than I like biking.

There, I said it.

And now that my kids are to the point where there are virtually no restrictions on where I can take them skiing, things have entered a whole new level. And it’s awesome.

Saturday, at Snowbird, Holden (11) was trying to choose between hiking up to High Baldy, traversing to the Gad Chutes, or just hunting for little kickers to hit. When Maddy comes, every run is a race to the bottom. How can you go wrong?

And today, I bucked the system, told the Man (of course, maybe in this situation, I am the Man) where to go, and woke Ian up at 4:30am, and dragged him up Toledo Bowl, down Holy Toledo, back up to the Superior ridge, and down Little Superior.

ian top

Livin’ the dream. Ben, Rob, and Rick (or, as I call them, the A Team) let me n Ian tag along this morning.

Take a look:

Of course, what backcountry tour would be complete without a little thummin?

rob thumb


14 Responses to “ian gets up early (and likes it)”

  1. Rick S. Says:

    it was a good day up in them there hills. I wish I started doing this at Ian’s age. You’ve got a cool kid who can hang on the up and the down.

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    Another fine motion picture production.

    This winter isn’t the powder-fest like last year, but that snow looked OK.

    No idea on the soundtrack. The lead reminds me of David Bowie.

    Come May or June when you’re cruising single-track will you still like skiing best? I have no problem with flip-flopping, in fact I endorse it.

    • Adventure Nell Says:

      KanyonKris, the song Dug uses is from a Canadian Band called Arcade Fire and is called “Wake Up”. They did a version with David Bowie, which is featured here. I highly recommend them but I am biased, being canadian and all 😉

      Excellent vid, Dug. Made me miss skiing in the Yukon.

  3. rabidrunner Says:

    So while skiing, did you swear at you kids when they were 6 and 8? That’d be real good if you did, ’cause then there might be hope for my situation.

  4. ShedBiker Says:

    Lucky. Even with the blizzard of the century (for Maryland), our “ski season” may last until March 15. I do really enjoy skiing also, until I enjoy mountain biking more, that is, until the next ski season arrives. Do you think I’m bi-polar – or not?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome! I so look forward to hitting the fresh with my daughter who is now two…. :(…… Long wait ahead!
    Thanks for the ski vibes!

  6. Ryan Says:

    I like skiing even more than I like biking? Really Dug? Really? Oh that hurts. A Lot.
    Or Maybe I just need to start skiing again.

  7. bikemike Says:

    is there much cross country skiing out yonder? i would love that, i think, being a cyclist. i’ve NEVER been skiing in my life (please don’t hate me or feel sorry for me. ok you can feel sorry for me). just watching the olympic cross country events makes me not want to live in florida. does this make me a bad person or just lazy?
    my stepson is 13 and i’ve never heard anything near a curse word come out of his mouth…the little bastard.

  8. tibiker Says:


  9. Canadian Roadie Says:

    That video was awesome – unfortunately, it reminds me that I don’t live anywhere near those big mountains (Whistler is a ferry and long drive for me). Ah well, at least I have biking year-round.

  10. Shelle Says:

    Love the video! Ian is the coolest kid-good one. Thanks for getting some great shots of my man.

  11. Daren Says:

    Dug, welcome to the father/son DP club. It doesn’t get much better than being out with your boy. Tanner and I need get out with you and Ian.

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