is it just me?

February 25, 2010

Is it just me, or does every serious cyclist celebrate, and maybe even high five himself, after a particularly successful, or even epic, trip to the bathroom?

You know–you think, “Yes! NOW I’ll beat that Fat Cyclist up the hill. Watch out you constipated slackers!”

And, if you’re home, maybe you even rush over to the scale to measure your success?

It’s just me?

Okay then, nevermind.

23 Responses to “is it just me?”

  1. evilreview Says:

    nope, not just you. i sometimes regret there’s nobody to high-five. but then i think about it, and then my regret fades.

  2. philip Says:

    The real question is if you have used your camera-phone to take a picture if it is truly impressive!

    p.s. want a picture?

  3. Jeff Says:

    Not after every trip. Just the ones when I actually feel lighter afterwards.

  4. Apparently where I work a successful trip to the bathroom is more about hitting your target. But yes I have had the same thought and even used the same logic at the dog track.

  5. nate Says:

    I do high five myself. After I wash my hands.
    And I relish that lighter, almost hollow feeling.

  6. bikemike Says:

    true dat, but on a global scale, if the bathroom trip was that epic, that means i probably used half or more my weight in toilet paper.

  7. Rick S. Says:

    If by epic you mean there was tearing, then yes.

  8. DrBryce Says:

    Should this one be filed under “light” on topic material for the day, or “heavy” on topic material for the day???

    That is the question of the day……

  9. Chad Says:

    Can I tell a little story on this topic, since you brought it up? When I was really into marathon training, I weighed myself fairly regularly. One day I got up and weighed myself. I was a little startled at the weight as it was surprisingly higher than the previous week but not much had happened that week. So a little while later, I felt pretty terrible and an urgent need to go to the bathroom. Afterwards I had the high 5 feeling you noted above. A little while later, I had the same sudden urge to go to the bathroom followed by ANOTHER high five moment. I could not resist the urge to measure since the scale was right there.

    Total difference between something like 7am and 10am and two trips to the bathroom? 9 pounds. My wife remains unimpressed by this feat and appalled that I am proud of it and tell it to people.

  10. Rick S. Says:

    Chad- what did you name it? Any postpartum depression?

  11. Jason Says:

    The scale is always a nice validation of what I think I just did – but I’m proudest when I step out and can actually see the drop in density in the mirror.

  12. Miles Archer Says:

    You want me to unsubscribe? Start posting pics of your poo.

    (The skiing pics are very nice)

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