March 4, 2010

Kim took Maddy to the orthopede today to have her sore hip checked out. For the X-Ray they put her in some shorts made out of that weird smock fabric that’s so comfortable you may wonder why you can’t buy them in stores.


Kim sent me an email from the doctor’s office that said “Maddy said “I’m glad dads not here. He would want to take a pic of me in these shorts.” :)”

And, um. The email had a picture attached.

maddy shorts

Sorry Maddy. Love you.


16 Responses to “co-conspirators”

  1. mtb w Says:

    Ah, the joy of being able to embarass your kids – that is one of those side benefits of parenthood.

    But I have to agree, those smocks are just way too cool not to show off. They be in Old Navy stores next.

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    Hi Maddy. Guess you need to add Mom to the “no photos” list.

  3. evilbanks Says:

    Dug—-you are a cold hearted bastard.

  4. MOCougFan Says:


  5. stevenbpt Says:

    Kim has to share some of the blame for this, she should have known Dug would post it!! Hi Maddy, I have some of those here at work so if you really like them let me know and I will bring some home!!!

  6. Jeff Says:

    I feel let down by my orthopedist – all I had was the stupid open-in-the-back gown deelie when I got my x-rays!

  7. JB Says:

    Hey, I recognize that place. We were at TOSH today too. What doc did she see?

  8. Adventure Nell Says:

    Maddie, you look just fine in those shorts…your dad owes you an ice cream sundae!

    Dug et al: my mountain bike club (Dirty Girlz) here in Victoria, BC, Canada is planning a trip to Moab and surrounding area next year. I was hoping to pick your brains on the best places to ride, camp and stay.

    • KanyonKris Says:

      Nell – Check out and look through the Moab area trails. And search the forums – over the years many people have asked for help planning a Moab trip.

      And I’d be happy to give recommendations:

      Slickrock trail – must do.

      Sovereign – my 2nd favorite Moab trail.

      Porcupine – classic. For a near epic get a shuttle to do the Whole Enchilada, or at least the Upper Porcupine start.

      Also good: Klondike Bluffs with Baby Steps, Bartlet Wash, Amasa Back, White Rim.

      • dug Says:

        what kris said.

        • mark Says:

          Kris, glad to see you’ve come around on Baby Steps.

          Nell, Kris gives good advice, but I’ll add one detail. If you’re coming from BC, I suspect you might already have big bikes. If by chance you’ve got short travel XC bikes, I recommend renting freeride bikes and shuttling the whole enchilada. So worth it. Just wear your armor.

          • Adventure Nell Says:

            Thanks everyone!! I have cut and pasted into an email to my fellow travelers. Mark, we have a variety of bikes but will be predomintaley biking with xc bikes. Some of us have only front suspension (me) and some have front/back. We are very excited to hit the trails out there as they will be so different than what we have here. We ride alot over alot of rock gardens, roots and gnarly things…not alot of flowy track on Vancouver Island. Thanks again 🙂

          • mark Says:

            Not a lot of flowy singletrack in Moab either. Like pretty much none. Just so you know what to expect. Rock gardens, rough trails, ledges, etc. But that’s what makes it fun.

            • Adventure Nell Says:

              Thanks Mark, good to know!
              We are going to also hit
              trails on the way there and
              back so expect to get home
              exhausted and stoked for more.

  9. Rachel Says:

    This is a sign of a good marriage.

  10. I thought you may enjoy the latest misspelling. Today on my lunch order they wrote down Daug. Welcome to the
    Smoking Apple in Lindon. Food was good spelling was entertaining.

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