ian turns 15

March 9, 2010

Ian turned 15 last Friday, and I’ve spent all weekend recovering.

For his birthday, Ian asked for a month in the country.

Ha. No, he wanted to take some friends up AF canyon with snowmobiles, build a kicker (for skis and snowboards, not for the snowmobiles), hike, and generally goof off.

Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds like how I would like to spend the day my own self. So I called in sick (not really, I called in well, but busy), loaded up the boys, and off we went.

And, without further ado, here is the video:

We towed skiers and boarders up the 3 mile dirt road to Silver Lake Flat, crossed the lake, built a kicker, played, drove the sleds all over creation, got them stuck more times than I care to remember, skied John off a cliff, ran the snowmobile into a tree (um, I did that), hiked straight up to the ridgetop to ski the 10 inches of new snow we got the night before, played some more, and returned home very tired (more on that below).

I don’t have pictures of the boys trying crazy stunts off the kicker, you’ll have to watch my Scorcese-level video for that. But here are the always Leibowitz-level iPhone pics:

Hiking to the ridge, learning what it means to post-hole up to your armpits:

boys hiking almost there

Ian, loving the deep snow:

ian wallowing

Finally, the ridge:

boys ridge

The snowboarders disappeared too fast to get pics, but here’s Jonah tearing it up:

jonah skiing

jonah skiing two

And Ian enjoying the fresh:

ian skiing

Meanwhile, back at base camp, fun with snowmobiles. Kolby towing KJ:

tow base

snowboard tow

Ian, getting Jonah some air:

jonah toe jump

The lake, the fun, the view:

towing two sleds

Best birthday ever, says Ian.

Me, getting some well-deserved apres ski in:

me tub beanie


15 Responses to “ian turns 15”

  1. Rob Says:

    Funny, I was up there with Jason Mitchell – We saw you on Friday afternoon up there. we were on the SW side of Silver Lake Flats just below the Three Temptations on that SW slope – snow had turned by 4:00 but a great day to be out.

    You may have seen us – no?

  2. Nate Says:

    And yet another beenie. Good hell man! How many of those do you really have? I bet it rivals a shoe collection for some women out there. Do you have a top to match it?

  3. Dianne West Says:

    What a great birthday bash for all the boys, including
    you!! I laughed a lot thru the video–funniest bloopers, maybe!! What an awesome Dad to provide
    SO much fun!!

  4. KanyonKris Says:

    Beenie in the tub, now that’s some good apres ski.

    Fun to watch the boys jump. They’re quite good. Another enjoyable video.

    Ah, to be young, and flexible – not stiff, sore and unable to move the next day.

    Happy 15, Ian!

  5. mtb w Says:

    WOW – what a great b-day present! Nice vid, too. What song/group is it?

  6. Grizzly Adam Says:

    Awesome. Good dad.

  7. Jonnie J Says:

    Dug you are setting the bar pretty high in the “coolest Dad” category. Take it easy on the rest of us slackers.

    Those little scallywags have some pretty legit tricks. Loved the video.

  8. Daren Says:

    Thanks for setting the teenager birthday party bar high. I really appreciate it. You want to abopt Tanner?

  9. SuomiTri Says:

    Great benefit of living in the hillz and having the backcountry (and so much of it) so close. Urban areas back east blow.

  10. evilbanks Says:

    cool birthday party, cool video, cool tricks, cool crashes, cool Ian and cool dad….nice work man……..

  11. shannan Says:

    coolest birthday party ever! Hey, KJ’s birthday is Wednesday and he is hoping for a repeat. I’ll provide the lunch! 🙂

  12. JB Says:

    Do you ever worry, even if it’s just for a second, when they don’t get up right away after crashing?

    Looks like you’ve really had a tough month celebrating birthdays at your house!

  13. Senior Says:

    Wow! that looks like what i would have done in the same situation a few years back and am very jealous! Great work, everyone! 🙂

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