the box top

March 17, 2010

Last week, me n Rick S n Rob n Mark hit the Suicide Chute up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

It was good (understatement alert).

After posting my Scorcese-level video, Rob sent pictures of the morning, and rather than pick and choose, I just put them all up. And at the bottom of the post, in an inside joke shout out to Bob and Elden from our corporate days 100 years ago when I had a reputation for never listening to any voicemail longer than 5 seconds and they started putting Easter Eggs at the end of the voicemails for me in case I listened to the end, I put an Easter Egg at the end of the post.

“If you looked at all the pictures, cut out a box top and send it to me, I owe you a dollar.”

Some of you claimed a dollar, but didn’t deserve one.

Well, Sarah deserves a dollar. I got this in the mail yesterday:

box top letter

At first I thought the envelope was empty, and Sarah was just teasing us, sending me an empty but very Christmasy envelope, as in “ha, we didn’t write a Christmas letter this year, but here’s an empty envelope.”

Nope (is it fuzzy to everybody? How old am I?):

box top

Sarah, I owe you a dollar.

box top dollar


19 Responses to “the box top”

  1. Derron Says:


    I shoulda claimed my dollar too! I thought you were only joking…

    • dug Says:

      well, i kinda was. but, well, i gotta respect the effort sarah put in, right?

      but don’t get any ideas. no dollar for you.

  2. KanyonKris Says:

    I didn’t see an expiration date on the offer.

    After postage the net is only $0.56, but it’s the principle, I guess.

    Sarah, nice work calling dug on the offer.

    I’m going to carry a box top with me and present it to dug next time I see him.

  3. not a stalker, but Says:

    are you aware that: 1 – there are only two Doug Andersons in Draper Utah, 2 – only one of them lives on a street with two words in the name, and 3 – it doesn’t do any good crossing out the ZIP code when the Post Office prints it at the bottom of the envelope in ZIP+4 form which would get anyone that wanted it to the block you live on, as well as the side of the street (if they wanted to.)

    • dug Says:

      yes, but are YOU aware that calling yourself “not a stalker, but . . .” and then following up with details of your research on me is weird?

      anyway. i’m not shy. you can drop of your box top to me personally. but it’s still only worth a dollar.

  4. not a stalker, but Says:

    Scratch #2

  5. bikemike Says:

    i tried to send it but i couldn’t find the slot on the front of my computer to stick the envelope. i don’t gots your home address. all of this work was not worth a dollar…two, maybe…one, no.

  6. Mike J Says:

    TWO Dollars! I want my TWO dollars!!!!

  7. mark Says:

    Do you realize the street value of this blog?

  8. stevenbpt Says:

    fitty cents!!

  9. Sara Says:


    You totally mispelled my name.


  10. Sara Says:


    Where’s my frickin’ dollar?

    • dug Says:

      I was waiting to see if you’d come back and read the comments before I sent it. you passed the test. its in the mail.

  11. mate....of Sara-no-h Says:

    Would you mind including a receipt with that dollar? I don’t like the idea of Sara-no-h collecting secret income. All income should be accounted for in case the need to divide assets ever comes into play….and I can tell you quite plainly, I never signed up for a girl who would so callously use the word “frickin'”.

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